Perhaps the US president should take a lesson from Nixon?

Readers discuss the Trump-Kim summit, plastic bags, G7 and the importance of sleep

I refer to your editorial Trump-Kim summit: A meeting of maverick minds in Singapore (June 10): let us hope that these two mercurial personalities of our times sign a peace accord that reduces the threat of a nuclear war.

Perhaps a slightly less hyped meeting might have been more pragmatic. In the 1960s the United States's relationship with China was frosty.

Then Henry Kissinger, national security adviser to then US president Richard Nixon, made a secret visit to China in July 1971 to break the ice and lay the foundations of a new association.

I was at university that year and remember the whole world being totally stunned that Mr Kissinger had actually visited China.

The following year, Mr Nixon visited China for a week to mend relationships.

That visit is considered a milestone for it helped forge a crucial relationship against the backdrop of the Cold War.

Since then, the US and China have done a lot of business together. The important point is that these visits to China and the mending of ties were undertaken without any bugle blowing.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Abandoning pets should be treated as a criminal offence

I write in response to your editorial There should be zero tolerance towards animal cruelty (10 June): The National's editorial was a meaningful read. The quote by Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi was apt and also true.

A country's moral progress is indeed determined by the way its animals are treated.

Abandoning pets should be treated as an offence and those engaging in such activity should be severely punished.

K Ragavan, Denver

For pupils, sleep is vital throughout the year, not just at exam time

I refer to Nick Webster's article Lack of sleep during stressful exams has 'serious repercussions for pupils' (June 10): the issue of inadequate sleep is not just relevant during exam times but throughout the year.

Zahid Khokhar, Abu Dhabi

Despite the criticism at G7 summit, Trump always gets his way

With reference to your article European leaders back Trudeau in G7 aftermath and criticise Trump (June 11): no matter what G7 leaders say, I believe Donald Trump will still get his way.

Name withheld by request

It's time for a blanket ban on plastic bags

I refer to Gillian Duncan's article Spinneys considers charging for plastic bags (June 10): free plastic bags do untold damage to the environment. They don't become acceptable to use just because we're made to pay for them. Banning them completely would be a better idea.

Justin Webb, Dubai

Let's get rid of the plastic bags at the fruit and veg counters at the same time. What's wrong with paper ones (although recyclable paper now), just like the old days?

Louise Halmkan Slantenburg, Dubai