Be patient as offices figure out how to manage Covid-19

The health tech iand innovation is seeing a boost following the coronavirus outbreak. Getty Images
The health tech iand innovation is seeing a boost following the coronavirus outbreak. Getty Images

In reference to Sultan Al Jaber: capability, crisis management and connectivity key amid Covid-19 crisis (May 16): this was nicely put across, and we do have to be patient.

Danish Saleem Khan, Abu Dhabi

Before a second wave, protect the elderly by reverse isolating

I write to you in regard to Kelly Clarke's report Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi issues guidelines for people returning to work (May 15): several countries are preparing to ease their lockdowns but coming out of them without protecting the vulnerable could be detrimental. The elderly are particularly at risk since they have more chronic illnesses than the young and a weakening immune system due to ageing. WHO reports that over 95 per cent of Covid-19 deaths in Europe occurred in those older than 60 years. More than 50 per cent of all fatalities involved people aged 80 years or older.

If countries lift their lockdowns without reverse isolating the elderly, mortalities could increase during the possible second peak of the pandemic. Therefore, it may be wise to allow healthy individuals less than 60 years to get exposed and develop immunity. But those who get infected could be asymptomatic, hence they should practice social distancing with individuals over 60 years of age.

About six per cent of the people in the UAE are over 60 years. This is the population to be tested and isolated. Positive cases should be quarantined and monitored for severe symptoms.

Once the old are reverse quarantined, the young should be allowed to lead the ‘new normal’ life. Children should attend schools and economies should re-open. The young should be tested only if they are symptomatic. Hospitalisation should be reserved only for sick people, not for all positive cases.

However, for reverse isolating the elderly, there should be a system in place to address their health issues which include mental health problems that can arise due to isolation. It is time for us to protect and support our elders by providing access to food, supplies and medicines. We should help them stay connected and involved and feel less lonely.

Dr Praveen S Lal, specialist paediatrician, NMC Specialty hospital, Abu Dhabi

Finally some good news for Italy

With reference to the report Coronavirus: Italy to allow international travel from June 3 (May 16): Bergamo already opened. It was the worst hit area for Covid-19. The other places will open by June 3 as the numbers of infected people are going down fast for the last two weeks. That’s why our lockdown ended and from May 18 all the shops, restaurants, etc will be open again, respecting social distance.

Antonia Tartaglia, Abu Dhabi

This news made my day, my week, my month... I could not imagine summer without Italy – mountains, lakes, delicious food.

Victor Kolesnikov, Dubai

Published: May 18, 2020 08:00 AM


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