What it will take to enforce a ceasefire in Gaza?

Our readers have their say on calls for sanctions against Israel, the bridge collapse in the US and the integrity of a beauty empire

Smoke rises following an Israeli strike, in Rafah, on March 27. Reuters
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The urgency of an arms embargo

With regard to Tim Stickings's report UN investigator calls for sanctions and arms embargo against Israel (March 27): Full support to Francesca Albanese. We must raise higher and higher our voices against Israel and this injustice until the world starts listening and a ceasefire is finally agreed on.

Franco Campoli, Turin, Italy

Such steps must be implemented. Sanctions and an arms embargo on Israel as soon as possible is absolutely the right thing to do. It should be the essence of a ceasefire and a long-term peace agreement.

Nura Adrio, Munich, Germany

It's been almost half a year of the war. An arms embargo is the sensible thing to do. Everyone knows it but western powers, especially the US, won't do it no matter what the human cost. There is a chance to make a real change and move towards peace but that opportunity must be seized. No state, no matter how powerful, should get away with potential war crimes. If there are international laws, then they should apply to everyone. Otherwise they're just there for superpowers to twist the arms of other countries as they see fit.

Hamid S, Muscat, Oman

Safety concerns over a bridge collapse

With reference to Ellie Sennett and Holly Johnston's report Baltimore bridge collapse: Search suspended for six missing workers (March 26): The coverage of the collapse of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge was extensive and well-detailed. It was tragic to read about the deaths and see the images of smoke from the ship conveying the magnitude of the accident. Calamities of such scale tend to stick in the memory for a longer period of time. The cause of the collapse should be established quickly and safety protocols examined so that the fear in people's minds is erased.

It was good of US President Joe Biden to praise the crew of the Dali, notably all Indians, after they promptly sent out a mayday call minutes before the crash, which then saved many lives.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

The principles of a beauty empire

In reference to William Mullally's article Why beauty entrepreneurs Simi and Haze will never stop talking about Palestine (March 28): It just goes to show that values and integrity will always have a place in life as much as in business. As a strategy it works and people take notice. I wish them all the best.

Alia Al K, Dubai

Published: March 29, 2024, 3:00 AM