Saluting firefighters and their incredible bravery

Our readers have their say on firefighters, tragedies in Kabul, Pope Francis's audience and celebrations in Jordan's royal family

Firefighters tackling a wildfire near Saint-Magne, south of Bordeaux, southwestern France, August 12. AP
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A happy occasion for Jordan's royal family

With reference to Katy Gillet's report Who is Rajwa Al Saif, the Saudi fiancee of Jordan's Crown Prince Hussein? (August 18): Wonderful to read this news. A huge congratulations to all members of Jordan's royal family.

Omid Shiwani, Kabul, Afghanistan

The pictures are lovely. Both of them look happy. Many congratulations to the couple.

Charlotte Moran, Shropshire, England

Kabul mosque blast: if only the country could be delivered respite

With regard to the report Kabul mosque blast: Imam among 10 dead in bombing (August 17): one no longer knows what to say about the situation in Kabul. The whole country can do with respite from tragedies. Condolences to the families of those who were killed. Praying for peace in Afghanistan and for the souls of the victims of this most recent killing. One also feels for the victims of the recent flash floods. As if one disaster was not bad enough. But beyond taking precautions one can't really prevent natural disasters. And yet even this is meagre consolation for the heavy rains in the country's north this week that killed 31 people, possibly more as more than 100 others are reportedly missing. It's the senseless bomb blasts that are still somehow worse.

A Zuberi, Dubai

Saluting firefighters and their incredible bravery

In reference to the report Firefighters battle intense blazes across parts of Spain, Portugal and Italy (August 17): I have great respect and admiration for all the firefighters up against such an ordeal. These blazes are tragic in how much destruction they cause. The fires look enormous and frightening. People battling them could lose their lives. With just more and more of these fires, all over the world, in Australia, in America, in Europe, the risk firefighters face is enormous. They are incredibly brave and and I salute them.

Madeline Blignaut, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Pope Francis's audience

With reference to the video report Little boy runs up to Pope Francis during his weekly address (August 17): This was such a heart-warming video. That little boy is very lucky to have been blessed like this. Moreover, it's beautiful to watch religious leaders such as Pope Francis indulge children, especially when so many children have experienced loss during the pandemic. Their lives were disrupted possibly to an extent that adults haven't yet fully understood. Nice to see the generosity in the gesture complement what His Holiness was saying about families and the importance of younger generations spending time with the elderly.

Vicente Dela Vega, Manila, Philippines

Published: August 19, 2022, 2:45 AM