'No parent should have to go through this'

Our readers have their say on a child with a rare spinal disease, UAE's new human rights body, Taliban's weapons and new buses in Jordan's capital

Rahul Pathak and Ashtha Muthoo want to see their daughter Arya, 6, cured from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. They hope to see her walk, eat, breathe and live a life without difficulties. Khushnum Bhandari/ The National

Wishing the Taliban would give the guns a rest

With regard to Thomas Watkins's report US ends its 20-year Afghanistan war as evacuation mission is completed (August 31): I saw the video on The National of the celebratory gunfire in Kabul as the Taliban saw the last American plane take off and the sound of the fireworks was quite something. I don't even know what to say. The Taliban – they fight with guns, they dance with guns, and watching this it's evident they celebrate with guns, too.

Saima Anwar, Karachi, Pakistan

What a shame. A country's economy is destroyed, as well as the peace and the lives of the people living there.

Muhammad Fayaz, Dubai

Officially prioritising human rights in the UAE is a big move

With reference to The National editorial An independent human rights body will safeguard tolerance in the UAE (August 31): this is really a milestone event, one that will help the country and make all residents proud. It is the direction the world should be headed in.

Abdula Malik, Abu Dhabi

Solutions for 6-year-old Arya Pathak

With reference to Haneen Dajani's article Six-year-old child battling rare spinal disease needs Dh8 million drug to save her life (August 31): I am so sorry. I will pray for you all. May you receive the funds. It is shameful that something that can save a life can be so expensive. No parent should have to go through this because of an inability to pay.

Mary Catherine Abdo, Dubai

May God ease your difficulties and help you at the earliest so that little Arya has a very healthy, long life.

Sidra Fatima, Sharjah

I pray for your little one. I have a child with special needs and I know how tough it is to survive and give them therapies, with no help from insurance.

Kashmira Bharucha Jha, Dubai

It’s criminal that life saving medication can cost $2.1 million in the first place.

Beverley van Staden, Kuwait City, Kuwait

I know your pain very well. My daughter also has special needs, she's 21 years old. She can't walk, sit or talk. May God help your daughter and ease your troubles.

Sahar Samir, Fujairah

Amman gets public buses, at long last

With reference to Amy McConaghy's video 'The National' takes a ride on the new Bus Rapid Transit System in Jordan’s capital, Amman: Finally. I couldn't believe that a capital has no public transportation.

Alti Jana, Sarjaevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

These are nice buses. I used to ride the local taxis for 1-3 Jordanian Dinar about five years ago.

Ijaz Ali, Dubai

Published: September 2nd 2021, 3:00 AM