Olympics: the games must go on?

Our readers have their say on the Tokyo Olympics, animal cruelty, India's actual Covid deaths and the legacy of photojournalist Danish Siddiqui

Police officers pass a fence outside a venue for archery at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, in Tokyo on July 21. AFP

With reference to the report Head of Tokyo Olympics committee refuses to rule out cancelling games (July 21): plenty of people still think that the games should not happen. It's a matter of unnecessary risk and playing with people's lives.

Marlene Roets de Beer, Heidelberg, Germany

Animal cruelty cannot be tolerated

With regard to Gillian Duncan's article Stray cat shot with air gun in Abu Dhabi weeks after similar incident (July 20): I am speechless at how animal cruelty is so common everywhere in the world. Such vicious acts cannot be tolerated. We need cameras everywhere. The culprits should start paying for what they do to the helpless creatures.

Ornella Parigi, Brescia, Italy

These guns should be banned.

Christo Scerri, Abu Dhabi

Until those guilty of such monstrous acts don't get the punishment they deserve, this will never stop. Laws against animal abuse are already in place in the UAE. People who treat animals in this way will have to think twice.

Elize van Wyk, Dubai

Danish Siddiqui will live on through his pictures

With regard to Leila Gharagozlou's report Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Danish Siddiqui killed in Afghan border fighting (July 16): this was very sad to read. Journalists have a risky job in reporting news from dangerous places. It was heartbreaking to read the details. He was covering the fighting in Afghanistan and himself became a victim. No monetary compensation given to his family can bring his life back. I pray for the soul of this brave photojournalist who has at work died, doing his duty till his last breath. Danish Siddiqui will live on through his incredible work.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Data on India's Covid-19 deaths

With regard to Taniya Dutta's article India just weeks from third wave after relaxing Covid-19 rules, experts say (June 21): a report by the Washington-based Centre for Global Development has said that India’s "excess deaths" during the Covid-19 pandemic could be as high as 4.9 million. The study is co-authored by Arvind Subramaniam, a former chief economic adviser to the government of India. India should consider a comprehensive audit of the Covid-19 mortalities in both urban and the rural areas. The audit should be undertaken by an independent, third party, like an accounting firm. This is important to resolve doubts about the actual figures.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Published: July 22nd 2021, 4:30 AM