Looking forward to Expo 2020 Dubai

Our readers have their say on Expo 2020 Dubai, a dispute over Nile waters, freedom from Covid-19 restrictions and the Florida building collapse

Every country will celebrate their national day or have an honour day at Al Wasl Plaza during Expo 2020 Dubai. All courtesy Expo 2020 Dubai
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With reference to Ramola Talwar Badam's report Inside the mega logistics operation to build Expo 2020 Dubai (July 7): I can't wait to be in Dubai later this year for the Expo and see the 360-degree dome and the other futuristic constructions for myself.

Kate Williams, New York, US

Watching for solution to Nile dispute

With regard to Hamza Hendawi's article Egypt and Sudan: Second filling of Nile dam a 'dangerous escalation' (July 6): this has been going on for a while and it is a precarious position for the countries downstream. The Nile runs from south to north geographically. Since Ethiopia is south of Egypt and Sudan, the natural course of the water reaches Ethiopia first. It will be interesting to see how the three countries solve this dispute.

Faleen Fedol, Nairobi, Kenya

The price of freedom

With regard to Brodie Owen's piece Boris Johnson to 'restore freedom' and call time on Covid restrictions (July 6): good luck to the UK with this new phase. It will be a great relief, I am sure, to many people in the country to not have to wear a mask anymore. But about 'restoring freedom', I am in health care and I can't help thinking of the people working in the medical field. I hope they don't have to yet again pay the price for restrictions eased too soon.

Reinette Bester, Dubai

An unheeded warning and the Florida tragedy

I am writing to you about Joshua Longmore's report Death toll increases as rescuers frantically search collapsed Florida building (June 30): the increasing death toll in this story is heartbreaking – 36 and counting, along with residents who are still missing. One doesn't often read about building collapses in the US. The photos of the rubble of the collapsed condominium tower in Surfside were especially tragic, as were the stories of the survivors.

The video of the building being pulled down must have been difficult for the family members to watch. I've read some reports that despite engineers' warnings three years ago about the condition of the 40-year-old building, authorities are said to have ignored advice to repair the structure.

Apart from the casualties of the pandemic, this is an additional burden and another tragedy for the people of Florida. I pray for the victims – and that the missing people be found largely unharmed.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Published: July 08, 2021, 4:00 AM