Confused and saddened by UAE-Canada rift

A reader laments the new regulations governing Canadians entering the UAE as a backwards step in not just international relations, but the country's goal to become a business and tourism hub.

I was both confused and saddened by your recent news article regarding the new visa policy for Canadians entering the UAE (New visa regulations worry for Canadians, November 10).
The confusion was due to the incongruity of the decision with the UAE's stated ambition to grow as both a business hub and tourist destination. I sincerely hope that wiser voices prevail and that those concerned recognise that such attempts at retaliation are more harmful to the UAE than they are to Canada.  
Peter S O'Laranon, Dubai
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The Canadian government didn't refuse to allow Emirates or Etihad to fly to Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, as stated in the news article.
They refused to allow more slots that would enable a greater number of flights to each destination.
Andy P, Abu Dhabi

A fan's praise for Sami Yusuf

With reference to the article

Sami Yusuf: A sacred trust

(October 31), the British-Iranian singer Sami Yusuf is an inspiration to all of us for his firm belief, sincerity and pure heart.

The love inside his heart goes out to everyone. His gentle, humble nature and kindness have no limit. He has always been a role model of perfection, patience and creativity. Because of all these factors he is able to continue to create this beautiful new kind of music today: Spiritique.

Since I came to know him, I have realised the true meaning of art and music. I believe in his musical force and appreciate his very noble message.

There are so many deep meanings and deeper feelings behind every single word and through every melody. Sami Yusuf can only be referred to as an angel and his achievements as an unparalleled success.

Afaf Faisal

, Abu Dhabi

Thanks for the lesson in life

The article

Life lessons: Dr Jamal R Saadah

(November 4) featured the opinions on life, love and work by the consultant physician on emergency medicine at Mafraq hospital in Abu Dhabi. I would like to thank Dr Saadah for reminding us that what we do matters and that life is not about how long you live, but about how you live it.

Dr Adan Atriham,

Abu Dhabi

Bank deal is risky for all

I refer to the business article

DIB mortgages go to Tamweel

(November 9). The definition of banking is accepting deposits from the public and lending to the public. This universal definition is seen to be skewed in the deal between Dubai Islamic Bank and Tamweel, the Islamic home finance company. No sensible administrator would permit a bank to acquire direct stakes in a private company involved in lending without accepting deposits or adequate capital.

The fortunes of the company will have a direct impact on the bank, which is responsible to the public. The consequences of this move will be very dramatic in the next five years, causing misery to the economy again. As it is, the banking and commercial legal framework in UAE is inadequate. Allowing banks to acquire companies and to channel public deposits to such companies is an invitation to disaster without any disaster management in place.

Dr KB Vijayakumar,


Some simple parking changes

Mawaqif was recently introduced in my area and generally speaking I am pleased with its introduction. I understand the requirement to sort out the previous mess and visits to various locations around town and subsequent parking is now less of a headache.

However the following issues require a review by the authorities: firstly the high cost, and secondly the fact that permits only allow parking in standard parking bays. This seems unmerited given my first point and the number of unused premium parking bays.

Thirdly, and the reason for this letter, I would like to suggest that  the Municipality moves rubbish bins occupying standard parking bays. At least 20 standard parking bays just near my building could be won if bins were moved to another location. Now that illegal parking on the kerb is rare, there are plenty of other options to move bins.

S Hill,

Abu Dhabi

Rents decline is old news

Frank Kane's business article

Now I have home advantage in the Dubai rents game

(November 6) detailed how he was looking forward to renegotiating his lease downward with his landlord. It took him way too long to realise that rentals are declining in Dubai. They have been declining for the last two years.