Beauty transcends

The perfection of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque surpasses national boundaries

British architectural designer Kevin Dean, discussing his work throughout the Sheikh Zayed  Grand Mosque. Abu Dhabi. Mona Al Marzooqi/ The National
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The inviting gardens that grab visitors at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque with flowers and vines of spectacular elegance convey the spiritual grandeur of the area. What is more impressive is that they were designed by an Englishman who is not a Muslim. It is a powerful testament to the tolerance of our society and the symbolism of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque that one of the most beautiful features of the building's landscape was designed by a non-Muslim.

Moreover, the work of architectural designer Kevin Dean highlights the ability of the mosque to transcend national boundaries. It is the most popular tourist attraction in the capital and has grown to be a visible symbol of our country throughout the world. One doesn’t need to be religious to be enchanted by the building’s captivating architecture and gardens. And, as Mr Dean has demonstrated, talent, like religion, transcends national boundaries.