Teenagers competing at the Grand Slam was exceptional

Our readers have their say about young tennis players, Afghan children in the UAE, buses plying once again and Donald Trump

Emma Raducanu celebrates winning the women's singles final alongside runner up Canada's Leylah Fernandez at the US Open, New York, September 11.
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Youngsters competing at the Grand Slam were exceptional

I am writing to you about the report Emma Raducanu 'loving life' after making history with US Open title triumph (September 12): this was super and something so unusual. Excellent for these teenagers to be in a Grand Slam final and compete so strongly. I must say, it was a real treat for tennis fans.

Dildar Ahmed, Dubai, UAE

It was amazing to see these talented youngsters in this Grand Slam. Congratulations to both of them.

Shakya Kamal Shakya, Lalitpur, Nepal

Route to normality

With reference to the report Bus services between Dubai and Abu Dhabi resume (September 13): happy to hear this. It's a step forward in the return to normality.

Kathleen Stuck, Abu Dhabi

An example to beat diabetes

With regard to Haneen Dajani's article Meet the Emirati woman who reversed diabetes through drastic lifestyle changes (September 6): this couldn't have been easy. Managing sugar levels and watching what you eat all the time because your life could be at stake is tough. Ask the people who struggle with it. This lady is an inspiration. Kudos to Huda Al Ali.

Aisha Carol Kaur, Manchester, UK

Donald Trump and the art of campaigning

With regard to Joshua Longmore's video Donald Trump uses 9/11 message to attack Joe Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal (September 11): Donald Trump sounds like he is on an election campaign. He could have kept in mind that on a sombre anniversary like 20 years since 9/11 this is not exactly an ideal condolence message.

Hamid K, Chicago, US

Here we go again. Someone’s getting ready to run for president another time.

Pádraig Downey, Dubai

Donald Trump is the one who had first said the US must leave Afghanistan. Now he is blaming Joe Biden. It surprises me how willing people are to degrade themselves just for political gain.

Qadri Rifat, Karachi, Pakistan

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

Anthony Reyes Lerona, Abu Dhabi

Singing 'Baby shark' to Afghan children

With reference to Nilanjana Gupta's video Afghan children in UAE dance along to 'Baby Shark' (September 11): it makes me happy that their innocence was saved from the Taliban.

Michael John Giannone Jr, New Jersey, US

Looking at all those beautiful children I hope somehow their future is safe and peaceful.

Leylynn Guzman, Wisconsin, US

Tragic when children have to pay the price for political turmoil. They deserve to live happily.

Gaylord Garcia, Pasay City, Philippines

Published: September 16, 2021, 3:00 AM
Updated: October 31, 2021, 3:19 PM