Maliki could have taken lessons from the past

A reader says Iraq’s prime minister, Nouri Al Maliki, would do well to take lessons from history. AP Photo / Karim Kadim
A reader says Iraq’s prime minister, Nouri Al Maliki, would do well to take lessons from history. AP Photo / Karim Kadim

Referring to your article Deaf ears before the fall of Mosul (June 20). The attacks could have been delayed, but prime minister Nouri Al Maliki could not have ultimately prevented them. Mr Al Maliki overestimated his ability and recklessly played the sectarian politics despite knowing the consequences. He had been warned repeatedly in the past. But those warnings fell on deaf ears as well. He would have been intelligent to have drawn lessons from history.

The current attacks by ISIL is only the beginning. Neither Mr Al Maliki nor America can prevent the inevitable.

R Rex, Dubai

Mr Al Maliki is the sole problem. That’s why he should go immediately. He did not walk the talk but broke practically all the promises he made.

I hope the revengeful executions that are happening everywhere in the country will stop soon and that a peaceful solution for Iraq will be found.

Too many lives have been lost over the past few few days. Such crimes are unacceptable.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Facebook cannot last forever

I am commenting on the article Facebook crashes in rare global outage (June 20). Nothing lasts forever. Nothing is perfect. Facebook or any other man-made creation is bound to malfunction at some point in time.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Considering it’s been around for years, I think it’s a pretty good record. I would rather rejoice in Mark Zuckerberg’s ingenuity than criticise him, because he has an amazing gift – his brain.

Jen Bishop, Abu Dhabi

Policemen must be approachable

I was sad to read the news item Former police officer leaves UAE after being accused of insulting gesture (June 20). This is a shame. The police are taking positives steps to reduce traffic crime and encouraging motorists to report dangerous driving. But with cases like this, I, for one, will think twice about reporting anything.

Donna Hopkinson, Abu Dhabi

Every system has it flaws.

But generally in UAE police are fare & polite.

Hesham Youssef, Abu Dhabi

Brotherhood story too exhaustive

The article Muslim Brotherhood, its UK connections and media attacks on the UAE (June 19) was too long. I lost interest after the second paragraph. I couldn’t understand the purpose of such an extensive article.

John Paravalos, Dubai

No way to prevent boat accidents

Your story Nine dead, 27 missing after boat sinks off Malaysia was disturbing (June 19). I wonder why people smugglers take the risk of overloading boats even when accidents happen frequently.

Boat accidents in various parts of the world have made headlines in recent months. Unfortunately, nothing much can be done unless the carriers themselves become cautious and stop taking too many passengers on board.

K Ragavan, US

Adverts can bring change in driving

I am writing with regard to the article How to ensure children’s safety on UAE roads (June 16). In my humble opinion, making the law mandatory will have no effect for several reasons.

The first being that from the start, before cars are even purchased, advertising plays a key role in changing behaviour. Recently I came across a TV advertising of a 4x4, which showed the options most buyers seek in a car, but the children in the back seat were not strapped. Perhaps, this would be a good starting point. Also, there are just not enough traffic police to enforce these rules.

How about shock tactics – TV advertisements and YouTube videos showing children in accident situations? Also, display adverts on channels that are watched by women, showing what happens to a child in a mother’s lap on the front seat of a car when an accident happens.

Name withheld by request

Cancer initiative will help many

It’s heartening to read about the initiative by Fadila, Nour and Farah to enrich the lives of children who have cancer (‘Cancer should not stop you living your life’: how three school friends are helping children to cope, June 21). I am sure their endeavour will brighten many children’s lives. God bless you.

Michelle Silva, Dubai

Published: June 21, 2014 04:00 AM


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