Maids’ situation is unacceptable

A reader says recruitment agencies are often responsible for the poor plight of maids. Jaime Puebla / The National
A reader says recruitment agencies are often responsible for the poor plight of maids. Jaime Puebla / The National

The article Many maids are being deprived of time off during the week (May 18) describes a situation close to slavery being completely accepted by most stake holders. How is it possible that a day off is in the contract, but they are deprived of this right and that no legal action can be taken? The recruitment agencies apparently don’t want to do anything against employer abuses and would rather try to convince the maid to stay in this unacceptable situation.

Patrick Brun, Abu Dhabi

Overspending on weddings is not wise

I refer to the article Budget wisely for the big day (May 17). Spending so much on weddings should be banned.

Give your money to the poor or invest it in your new family, but don’t spend too much on one single night, unless you already have a time machine.

Mohannad Alchalabi, Dubai

Dr Zulekha is an inspiration for all

The journey of Dr Zulekha has indeed been amazing (First female Indian doctor in the Trucial States looks back on a career well spent, May 18).

In her career, she has pretty much been able to help everybody, from women in labour to patients suffering from common illnesses, and even a goat. Her achievements are remarkable and her hard work is commendable.

She is an inspiration to others in every aspect. It is her strong will power that helped her establish the Zulekha group of hospitals and also overcome injuries that she suffered in an accident.

Fatima Suhail, Abu Dhabi

Israeli atrocities are deplorable

I am responding to the opinion article Anti-Semitism survey has the potential to mislead (May 18). I myself will never forget the footage of Israeli soldiers trying to break the bones of teenagers, who had been caught throwing stones. Disgusting.

The footage we saw here was not the same as what got shown at home.

Christine Pentecost, Dubai

Motivation needed to live healthy life

I tried in the past year to encourage people in Dubai who needed to lose weight (Dubai weight loss champion is going for gold once again, May 15).

I also helped many people around the world via social networking sites, and I will continue to motivate and help individuals with weight problems to live healthy lives. I hope the number of participants will increase this year. Last year, about 10,000 people participated.

Ahmad Al Shiekh, Dubai (Ahmad Al Sheikh became Dubai’s weight-loss champion last year after winning the top prize of 63 grams of gold)

Palestinian event can be unique

I refer to the article Palestinian Fashion Week struts into Ramallah (May 4).

Every person in every country has some talent and Palestinians are no different. Palestinian can make their fashion week unique by not mixing their traditional styles with those of the West.

Amira S, Dubai

UAE culture must be respected

Visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque the other day, I witnessed something embarrassing. It is good that the authorities show leniency towards visitors, so as to make their stay as comfortable as possible. That includes relaxation of the dress code.

However, such gestures should never be taken for granted, especially while visiting a religious place.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened when a bus full of scantily dressed tourists arrived at the mosque. Of course, they had to cover once they were in the queue to get in. But they definitely raised a few eyebrows.

I believe it’s the duty of everyone to show respect towards the culture of this country. How to convey this message to tourists is a matter of discussion. Should it start from the point of immigration, or is it the responsibility of the host, such as hotels where they stay, and tour operators?

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Help schools to raise standards

Allowing schools to hike fees is OK, but Abu Dhabi Education Council should also work on better quality of education (Fee increase rejected at 43 schools, May 19).

Schools are just a big challenge for the parents, who have to spend large chunks of their hard earned money on chidren’s schooling.

Farhana Hassan, Abu Dhabi

Published: May 19, 2014 04:00 AM


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