New food concept Colour My Plate serves up fresh balanced meals and snacks

Dubai-based dietitian Hala Barghout has created Colour My Plate, a food service that takes the guesswork out of nutritious meals. Each dish is made with unprocessed ingredients and with the right balance of proteins, carbs, fats and colourful vegetables.

Hala Barghout. Courtesy Hala Barghout
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Eating out can cause a lot of anxiety to fitness enthusiasts who can’t always track the nutrition value in their meal. A new food concept in Dubai that has been developed by a nutritionist takes the guesswork out of healthy eating with its focus on wholesome dishes using unprocessed ingredients.

After receiving positive feedback on her home cooked meals on Instagram, Dubai-based dietitian Hala Barghout decided to further her passion in the kitchen by setting up Colour My Plate, this year. Colour My Plate makes everything from protein-packed snacks as a post-workout option to elaborate lunch and dinner packs that are available to go at the Capital Studio, Gold Box Roastery and Flywheel Sports in Dubai.

Barghout tells us why good health is all about keeping it colourful on the plate.

How did the concept for Colour My Plate come about?

I’ve always believed that the more colour on your plate, the more nutritious your meal is. I wanted to educate people on how to create a balanced meal and show them that healthy food can be tasty too.

What does Colour My Plate offer?

We offer freshly made packaged, healthy, unprocessed, clean, wholesome breakfast, wraps, salads, bowls, soups, treats and dips. Our menu changes daily, as well. We do not focus on a specific diet preference but cater to people with all preferences and needs.

How do you come up with the recipes?

I brainstorm and think of what ingredients would go well together, keeping in mind to optimise the nutrition in that meal. I also get a lot of inspiration from some of my favourite health and food bloggers.

Can you talk about the nutritional value in these meals?

We normally pack our meals with veggies, carbs, healthy fats in moderation and lean protein. We only use unprocessed ingredients, and everything is homemade in our kitchen. We want people to love their food, feel light and full of energy, without worrying about gut inflammation. We are currently working on the nutritional facts for all our menu items, as well.

Do you do deliver?

We will be starting delivery very soon.

What does the future of Colour My Plate look like?

Eventually I want to expand and open a healthy restaurant, and do meal plans for those who do not have the time or the skills to cook healthy, but want healthy meals delivered to their homes and offices.

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