All of your ClassPass and GuavaPass questions answered

Users of the two UAE fitness apps have been very confused about what’s happening with their memberships since ClassPass acquired GuavaPass

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This week it was announced that popular fitness app GuavaPass had been acquired by ClassPass.

The apps – both of which allow members to access selected gyms and classes around the UAE – both run in a similar way, with users opting in to sessions online, with a limited time to cancel their class.

But there is a price difference. GuavaPass cost members Dh359-per-month for unlimited classes or Dh251-per-month for a package of four classes. ClassPass is worked out on a monthly credit system and works out as Dh159 for two to three classes, Dh309 for five to seven classes, Dh479 for eight to 12 classes or Dh749 for 13 to 20 classes. The first two weeks on ClassPass are free.

Naturally, users had questions, so we put them to ClassPass’ Lauren Craft:

How much will pre-existing GuavaPass members now be charged? Will payment change, if so when?

GuavaPass users who wish to join ClassPass will need to sign up for a new membership As an incentive, we will be providing ClassPass gift cards or accounts pre-loaded with ClassPass credits to all GuavaPass members. Alternatively, the GuavaPass member can opt-in to receive a prorated refund.  Our customer service team is available around the clock to get any users signed up for ClassPass as quickly and as possible.

Will classes on GuavaPass still be offered?

As of around January 14, GuavaPass will no longer exist in markets where ClassPass is available. We welcome all GuavaPass members to join ClassPass and for a limited time we will be offering incentives for current GuavaPass members in markets where GuavaPass is being discontinued. In markets where ClassPass has not yet established itself, GuavaPass will continue to operate as a brand under the ClassPass umbrella until we launch ClassPass in those markets, at which point GuavaPass will be discontinued.

Why are GuavaPass classes now showing up as not available?

The team is in the process of moving studios over to the ClassPass platform and we hope to have the vast majority of them migrated within the next few weeks. While we aren’t shutting down GuavaPass until closer to January 14, the experience will inevitably change over the next few days. We recommend joining ClassPass as soon as possible for the most flexibility between studios in your area.


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