What will Emirates serve for Ramadan 2021? Airline collaborates with Dubai artists for iftar and suhoor boxes

The airline expects to begin serving the bespoke packages to fasting passengers on flights from April 13

The special meals are available to passengers across all cabin classes on select Emirates flights that coincide with iftar or suhoor times. Courtesy Emirates
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With Ramadan around the corner, Emirates Airline has announced that fasting passengers flying throughout the holy month will be offered meals in specially designed boxes to break their fast.

The Dubai airline has partnered with local artists to produce bespoke designs for the boxes, which will contain ready-to-eat meals.

Emirates expects to begin its Ramadan service on Tuesday, April 13. Travellers breaking their fast on board, or about to start fasting, will be offered the special-edition iftar and suhoor packages so they have food ready when it is time to eat.

The airline's in-house designers and product design team collaborated with artists from Dubai studio Mawaheb from Beautiful People to create the boxes for this year's Emirates Ramadan service.

Arabic for "talent", Mawaheb is an art studio for young people with disabilities. It was forced to close during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Just happy to see that people around the world are going to see our work and everything else that is connected to it," says local artist Asma Baker, who took part in the workshop with Emirates.

Emirates has been serving Ramadan meal boxes on flights for more than 20 years. Courtesy Emirates

There are two different designs: one in red and blue shades, and the other in gold tones. Each was created during an art session with Emirates's design team and the artists at the local studio before the pandemic started.

Each box consists of a main course or sandwich, Arabic bread, dates, laban and water. Iftar boxes will be served in addition to the regular in-flight meal services on Emirates.

Available across all cabin classes, they will be distributed on select flights that coincide with iftar or suhoor times.

Flights to and from the Gulf region, and those catering to Umrah groups travelling to Jeddah and Madinah during Ramadan, will be offered the service. During the holy month, cold meals will be served in lieu of hot ones on all flights to Jeddah and Madinah, including Umrah daytime flights.

20 years of Ramadan services on Emirates flights

Emirates has collaborated with Dubai artists on the airline's Ramadan boxes for 2021, set to be served on select flights from April 13. Courtesy Emirates

Emirates has been offering travellers an in-flight Ramadan service for more than 20 years. This year, the airline will continue to offer special religious programming on flights during the holy month, including having the Quran as part of its on-demand media system.

Travellers set to fly with Emirates over Eid Al Fitr can also look forward to special menus, served on all flights to and from the Gulf region from Thursday to Sunday, May 13 to 16. Customers will be able to tuck into traditional Middle Eastern dishes including Aish el Saraya, sago pudding and lamb kofta.