Two women pull Airbus A320 to break Guinness World Record

The pair from Wales pulled the jet more than 20 metres in well under a minute

Two women from Wales have broken the Guinness World Record for the "fastest 20-metre A320 aircraft pull by a team of two".

Sue Taylor-Franklin and Sam Taylor broke the record by pulling an Air Moldova jet across a 20-metre marker in 37.63 seconds.

The women had three minutes to complete the challenge, which involved hauling a 48-tonne narrow-body A320 across the tarmac at St Athan airfield in Wales.

The pair completed the task well below the time limit.

Taylor and Taylor-Franklin, aged 42 and 52, are currently ranked as the first and second strongest women in Britain.

They told local media they were recruited by Guinness World Records to break this record in celebration of St David's Day, which takes place every March 1.

"It was so weird, because two years ago while on holiday in Dubai, I had a thought that I'd like to try to break a record as the first Welsh woman to pull a plane," Taylor told the Barry and District News.

"The idea had fallen by the wayside a bit, until we got that call from Guinness World Records."

The coronavirus lockdown in the UK prevented either of the women from training in the gym in the lead-up to the event.

Both women have also qualified for the World’s Strongest Woman 2021 competition, which is set to take place in Florida later this year.

As part of Guinness's St David's Day events, a man from Wales also broke the record for being the fastest man to single-handedly pull an A320 for a distance of 20 metres.

Strongman Mark Jeanes, who is nicknamed the Welsh Dragon, pulled the jet the required distance in 31.30 seconds.

No stranger to titles of strength, Jeanes placed first in the Wales Strongest Man competition 2020 and third in UK's Strongman 2020.

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