Campr launches hassle-free packs for hiking in the UAE wilderness

The 65-litre bags will contain everything you need, from cooking equipment such as a gas stove canister to tents

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Since launching in the UAE last year, adventure company Campr has made it its mission to make camping trips across the UAE – from the deserts to the wadis – fuss-free.

Christine Vorster, a keen outdoor enthusiast, had the idea to open up the world of camping to outdoor novices, by scouting a location, setting up and providing everything people need for a night under the stars, from the tents to the equipment. All the campers have to do is turn up.

“I love the outdoors, but there’s always the stick of packing up all the camping equipment and dealing with things like deflating mattresses,” she says. “So I decided that I needed to come up with a solution.”

Hassle-free camping service Campr can accommodate groups of friends and families. Photo: Campr

Now, the company is planning to do the same for hiking. As Campr opens for the winter season, it is relaunching with a new product, Campr Paks, which offer the same fuss-free approach to hiking.

The rentable Campr Paks will provide everything needed for an overnight camping trip. The 65-litre bags will contain cooking equipment such as a gas stove, canister and pots, and a 3-litre hydration pack, as well as a single hiking tent, mattress, sleeping bag and pillow. It will also contain hiking equipment, such as a head torch, survival and first aid kits.

Campr Paks can be rented for one or two-night adventures, with prices starting at Dh400.

“We are very excited about the new launch, as we know there is such a huge hiking community in the UAE,” says Vorster. “Obviously through setting up our Campr overnight stays in the wadis over the past year, we have seen literally hundreds of hikers every weekend and we thought that there was an awesome gap in the market.

“The Paks are very lightweight, everything is proper camping and mountaineering equipment, so they are very comfortable. All people need to do is bring some water and their dehydrated food, and their clothes.”

Campr has also expanded its fleet since last year. New for this season are the Campr Rover, which allow families and groups to stay together in a more robust trailer, which comes equipped with electricity, a fridge and cooking facilities. The largest of the Campr Rovers is capable of sleeping up to eight people – two families.

“The Rovers allow families to really enjoy themselves and feel safe knowing they can stay together all in one tent,” Vorster says.

“We are really excited to get going for the next season. I think people just generally love getting outdoors with their families and friends, and we’ve really seen that since we launched. They can spend quality time out in nature, it’s not hotel based, and they don’t have to stress about buying or sourcing all the equipment for that.”

Campr Adventr and Campr Paks are now available to rent for the winter season. More information is available at

Updated: September 17, 2021, 12:02 PM