The Dubai Cat Sitting Company is now looking after dogs too

Going away for Eid al Fitr? This company will look after your dog and there are plans to expand the cat sitting services to Abu Dhabi

The Dubai Dog Sitting Company is about to launch.
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The getaway is all planned. Airtickets? Check. Suitcase packed? Check. Someone to look after the dog? Erm.

Well, don't panic, because now there is a new dog sitter in town. The Dubai Cat Sitting Company – a fully licensed organisation that will visit your beloved cat at home while you are away – is about to expand to incorporate dogs as well.

Knowing that a pet is less stressed if allowed to stay at home (company motto: a happy cat is a cat at home) The Dubai Dog Sitting Company will visit, feed, walk and most importantly cuddle your dog, so you can enjoy your trip, knowing that your precious pup is in safe hands.

Founder Claire Lambert explains: “We’re now branching out into pooches because of the demand and repeated requests for this service. More and more people are choosing Dubai as their home now and are adopting pets as a result.

“I started the cat sitting company because four years ago, when I went on holiday and needed a cat sitter myself, options were very limited. I’d previously used a cattery which was very good, but as my cat was quite old I didn’t want to put her through any unnecessary stress. I realised there was a demand for a good quality cat sitting service, and hence why I left my office job to pursue my passion.”

That passion now comprises a dedicated team of hard working people (including Lambert and her husband), who race from client to client, ensuring each pet gets the attention it needs.

Presently the services are only available in Dubai, however with ever growing demand, taking on dogs isn't the only expansion Lambert has planned.

“We will soon be launching our services in Abu Dhabi, too” she says.