Today's Beeps: the Jordanian Ground Game, Twittersalat, Strip Shows and Doom

- I'm a fan of the people behind

, the Arab YouTube. Yes, it's a me-too concept, but they are playing a very smart ground game, working locally to create interesting Arab content. On a recent trip to Amman I happened upon a gathering of the city's cool crowd, celebrating Earth Hour at the one and only

. Who did I find downstairs but the Ikbis guys, with a camera setup, getting all the kids in attendance to record their environmental messages for the world. A bit fluffy and cuddly, but hey - its one small example among many of how being on the ground and part of a community can actually matter for a dotcom in this part of the world. Anyhow, Ahmad Humeid, an Ikbis co-founder, has

. Worth a look if you are interested in Arab online content.

- Etisalat has dived into the dangerous but rewarding world of Twitter, with

on the site. As mentioned over at Mixed Media,

and uses Twitter as well as any telco in the world. Can Etisalat, not renowned for its open or savvy approach to customers and the media, step up to the plate?

- A few stories in The National that are worth a read: my

who is, like Bob Dylan, either a genius or an idiot savant, and no-one can quite work it out. And my Beep Beep comrade David George-Cosh has a couple of Etisalat pieces to check out: the company

(no small feat for a market world-renowned for being ridiculously, almost impossibly, cost-competitive). And it is funding this overseas price war in part by


- And touch screen phone sales will more than double globally this year, according to

. Gulf News points out that

, at 120%. More interesting is that by 2013, Gartner thinks more than one in three phones will have a touch screen, and only about 50% of them will be Nokia's, with iPhone, Android and Blackberry all picking up market share from Nokia,

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