Eco Prince's motor show

Prince Charles of the United Kingdom is to host an eco motor show.

LONDON // Not too many people can host a car show in their front garden, let alone an eco motor show, and expect many people to turn up. But the UK's Prince Charles has a bit more persuasive power than most. The Prince of Wales will open his gardens at Clarence House to the public from September 8 to19, plus the neighbouring gardens at Lancaster House and Marlborough House, for what's being dubbed "The Garden Party to Make a Difference". Featuring music, comedy and environmental displays, the Start event will begin with a race between a fleet of eco cars and the Prince's train, which runs on recycled chip fat. The route runs from Glasgow to London. The environmentally friendly vehicles will then line up on The Mall, in the capital. Proceeds from the event will support the Prince's Charities Foundation, whose aim is to help people "lead more sustainable lives and to show what a more energy efficient, cleaner and healthier future could look like." Entry to the gardens costs £15 (Dh86), but the eco car display is free.