Bentley celebrates 100th birthday with all-new 2020 Flying Spur

The car maker's fresh launch to mark its centenary has been revealed, and it's on the fast side

Birthdays aren’t always a joy for those of us concerned about passing our peak, but when a classic car company turns 100 it’s a little different. So it is that luxury motor manufacturer Bentley, which is celebrating its centenary this year, has marked the date with the launch of an all-new 2020 version of the Flying Spur.

And (try not to flinch, petrol purists) it’ll also have a hybrid version.

The British marque is arguably the granddaddy of the Grand Tourer concept, and this third incarnation of the model, which originally arrived inside the garages of the world’s deepest-pocketed motorists in 2005, has had a significant overhaul.

The 6-litre twin-turbo W12 engine has been reworked to produce even more power and torque, with the soon-to-be-available plug-in hybrid version coming in a V8 guise.

The fastest models will be able to do 0 to 100kph in around 3.8 seconds, which is certainly sufficient to blow your cap off.

The new shape still resembles a classic Bentley, but the company have introduced what it refers to as 'muscular lines', prettied up with LED matrix headlights and cut-crystal effect detailing.

The interior is, of course, as luxurious as you'd expect. Features include a floating centre console, horizontal veneer flows, and what Bentley are calling 'sculptural' centre vents. You can now also wirelessly charge your phone and tablet in the front and back.

It also features several technical innovations, like a retractable Flying B hood mascot (the first of its kind), as well as rear-wheel steering and additional active and passive safety aids.

Anyone keen to lay their finely tailored driving gloves on one won’t have long to wait as the Flying Spur is due to touch down in the UAE later this year.

The arrival of the Bentley comes soon after Rolls-Royce launched its Wraith Eagle VIII collection in late May.

Published: June 12, 2019 02:36 PM


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