McLaren celebrates new UAE outlet with breakneck track trial

The supercar manufacturer lets fans loose with its 720S and GT models at the Dubai Autodrome, just in case anyone had forgotten how fast the cars are

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Supercar manufacturer McLaren celebrated opening a new retail outlet in the UAE with a day out reminding groups of speed fiends of the blistering pace of its GT and 720S models.

The brand’s team turned up in force to welcome guests to the Dubai Autodrome, before letting the newcomers, including potential customers, loose with the hardware.

Events such as this always generate excitement – performance figures vary for each of McLaren’s vehicles, of course, but you wouldn’t need a lot of fingers to count the number of road cars that any of the British brand’s creations wouldn’t be able to blow off the tarmac.

Vehicles of any shape, size or power can be fun, but getting behind the wheel of a jalopy that can hit 100 kilometres per hour from a standing start in just under three seconds (the 720S) or just over (the GT) is never going to be uneventful.

Many will have been in cars that accelerate rapidly, but what takes land rockets like the ones McLaren produces that step further is the secondary oomph.

On a straight, you put your foot down and get the initial burst of speed. All very exciting … but there is no feeling that it will ever stop accelerating – and accelerating fast. The 720S can get to 200kph in 7.8 seconds, with the GT only slightly behind it.

The McLaren Elva on show at Dubai Autodrome. Photo: McLaren

Amazingly, the 720S was introduced in 2017, but it feels every bit as fresh as when it first appeared. The GT, slightly newer, dates back to 2019. Nothing feels dated about that, either.

Also on display at the Autodrome were McLaren’s Artura and Elva models, though they were strictly off limits to the drivers.

The manufacturer’s permanent new outlet on Sheikh Zayed Road, in partnership with Performance Tuning, will officially open later this year. A service centre will also be on site, staffed by the brand’s engineers.

If you fancy having a look before that, though, McLaren Dubai will be operating from a temporary sales facility at the same location.

Updated: January 07, 2022, 7:42 AM