What makes a magazine rack worth its Dh86,000 price tag

As you may have gathered, this isn’t your average storage solution. So what makes this piece so special?

Equilibre d Hermes. Courtesy Hermes
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This particular magazine rack is designed by Hermès, a byword for high-end, handcrafted products made from the most covetable materials in the world.

The Equilibre d'Hermès magazine rack measures 21.7 inches by 11.8 inches by 21.7 inches. Its clever design mimics the look of saddlebags, in a nod to the French brand's roots as a high-end harness- and saddlemaker.

The structure is crafted from solid, natural maplewood, while the bags are composed of Hermès's so-called "fauve taurillon H" leather, which comes from the hides of bull calves. Calfskin is generally viewed as one of the highest-quality leathers on the market. The structure of calfskin is particularly firm and even, and its grain is finer than that of adult animals.

The magazine rack is part of a wider collection of decorative objects, which are all defined by their carefully measured proportions, natural maplewood, brass and supple calf leather. "Designed to appeal to the senses and the mind, their apparent simplicity contains within it both the mathematical precision of drawing and the skill of the artisans who made them," says Hermès.

Also part of the range are a wastebasket, which stands 11.8 inches high and retails at US$8,200 (Dh30,114); a desk pad that costs $6,900 (Dh25,340); and an icosahedron paperweight that sells for $5,850 (Dh21,484), along with bookends, a magnifying glass, cups and spinning tops.


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