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Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 28 January 2021

The Dh9 million Dubai apartment with the ultimate view of Burj Khalifa

Here's the chance to spend the rest of your time staring out of the window in awe

New Year's Eve - here it comes again and with it will be that enduring problem.

No, not the issue of what you should wear, who you should spend it with and how you can avoid the cat / dog being scared witless by the pyrotechnics in the sky, but where you'll find the best vantage point to watch the celebrations in Dubai.

Should you jostle with the crowds around the base of Burj Khalifa to get a view of the light show (or fireworks if they are brought back)? Or find a higher venue with a panorama worth boasting about?

An airbnb for the night is a popular option - until you see prices upwards of Dh10,000.

For the batch of folk living in the vicinity of the world's tallest tower, the trickiest task is deciding which window to look out of, or which balcony chair to burrow down in with a blanket to pretend that it is cold.

It is occasions such as this when you are reminded just how much you wish you lived right there in the thick of the action, with the daily fountain shows and never-ending reminder of the wondrous feat of engineering that put that tower on the map.

Then there's the thousands of dirhams that rather than being spent on an airbnb could instead be frittered away in the Dubai Mall.

These are the kind of positives you tell yourself in your head when trying to convince that you should spend Dh9 million on a property here - for that is what it can cost for a penthouse with the ultimate view of Burj Khalifa.

This one is on the market with and is located in The Address Fountain Views - a three-tower complex in Downtown Dubai that is just a short hop from the Burj and even comes with an air-conditioned walkway to the mall.

Of course, with that name, it comes with views of the impressive water feature, but it also has the rarity that is a direct look at the 828-metre tower from all of the main rooms.

If it was located closer you'd be arching your neck to look up at the spire. Further away and the view may well be blocked by other high-rise properties.

To go with the five-star vista is a five-star interior, which has a very hotel-like feel about it.

It is sleek rather than lush, comfortable rather than cosy, but inviting with soft colours and modern furnishings.

It measures in at 2,704 sq ft and comes with four bedrooms - each of which resemble a suite at one of the many tourist hotspots in the city.

The kitchen is tight, although you would likely want to check out the multitude of eateries nearby most nights, including those at The Address Hotel. The property comes with access to all of its amenities including multiple outdoor pools, a fitness centre and spa.

One of the four bedrooms. Courtesy

Q&A: Bipin Khanna, private client advisor at

How much of a premium does a view of Burj Khalifa add to the price?

Living in the heart of Downtown Dubai, there are two factors that are always a huge plus - having a direct view of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains, and an apartment on a high floor. Waking up in the morning with panoramas of the city spread out before you and the world's tallest tower rising to greet you is an indescribable feeling, which adds to the value of any property here. Normally, you can expect a premium of about 10 per cent for the view alone with that value climbing higher as you move up the tower.

Do many clients specifically request a view of the Burj?

If the old adage 'location, location, location' holds as true for individual units as it does for buildings themselves. Clients who are looking for a luxury home in Downtown Dubai are always keen to get the best view possible, and what could be better than looking out over the Burj Khalifa? Even those of our clients who live near the Downtown area request a Burj Khalifa view as much as possible. Of course, if we are talking about investors the whole equation changes. View becomes much less important and price becomes a more key factor.

How much would this property for should the new owner wish to go down this route?

This is a very well-designed unit on a high floor and with a direct view of the Burj Khalifa from every room (thanks to it being a central unit) and access all of the world-class facilities of the Address Hotels. In my view, this penthouse would easily command a rent of Dh450,000 per year.

Would you consider Downtown Dubai to be the trendiest place to live in the city?

Downtown Dubai has always lives up to its tagline - the Centre of Now. It is undoubtedly a very trendy area to call home, where you can enjoy ready access to the very best that Dubai has to offer in terms of shopping, dining and entertainment. Couple that with the fact that Downtown Dubai has become more affordable than ever in the current market, and this is very much the ultimate urban address.

Published: December 9, 2019 07:00 AM

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