Is this Dubai's best villa in the Dh5m price bracket?

Jumeirah Golf Estates serves up family living with a tranquil-sounding name

Whispering Pines. The words instantly transport you deep into the American forest, with birds chirping and a light breeze in the air after a night in the wilderness.

For me, it acts as a reminder of a summer spent in a log cabin, listening to the rustling of leaves and the creaking sounds coming from the gently moving woods.

I was listening intently – not for the beauty of nature, but for big black bears. They liked to visit in the night and shred any clothes or towels left out on the washing line.

And there was whispering. But it was mainly from the dozen or so seven-to-eight-year-olds I had to share the cabin with as their camp counsellor. How I wished they would whisper themselves to sleep.

Now, minus the black bears, this picture of tranquility has been transported across continents and oceans to Dubai in the form of a community at the very pleasant Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE). The name of the community, you guessed it, is Whispering Pines.

One of its villas is available through at Dh5 million, placing it in the mid-market segment and making it an attractive proposition for those looking to put down long-term roots in the Emirates.

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The property is ready-made for a family with its swimming pool and outdoor lounge, which backs on to the championship golf course. It may be a far cry from the deep forests of the US, but there is plenty of greenery in sight.

The design is charming with a host of different elements, including touches of traditional Arabic. It has a clean stucco facade, barrel tile roofs and blue tinted windows.

On the inside there are four bedrooms, a living room and dining room that flow seamlessly into the kitchen and white walls which feel as though they keep the place cool in the hot summer months. Dashes of colour have been added with the choice of furnishings.

This is very much a comfortable home spread across 4,136 square feet rather than a property showcasing wealth or taste in art. The only drawback could be the proximity to neighbours as it is semi-detached. For Dh5m you may be able to find a little more privacy elsewhere, but you would be hard pressed to match the quality and location.

Plus there's the address. If it matters to you where you say you live then there should be no issue with sharing this property.

"Where are you living?"

"Whispering Pines."

"Oh, how charming."

Q&A: Steve Harris, the JGE expert at

What kind of theme is going on in this development?

Each villa here has been designed to create a sense of complete tranquillity, and to provide an atmosphere that is a far cry from what we normally expect of Dubai. It’s really no surprise that the area is such a big hit with families who are looking for a suburban lifestyle.

Is this as good as it gets for Dh5m in Dubai?

In terms of a ready family home in a sought after community, yes, this is one of the best. Of course, there are plenty of options at this price point across apartments, townhouses, and villas and a good agent will present these accordingly.

It is semi-detached, is being so close to neighbours a concern for buyers when paying that amount of money?

No, not at all. Townhouses the world over can command vast amounts of money, so it's more about the location and finishing. Being on the golf course at Jumeirah Golf Estates and benefitting from both a high-quality original build as well as subsequent upgrades mean these properties are incredibly popular.

Does buyer interest cool during the hot summer months?

Interest doesn't necessarily cool but of course, more people are travelling. This can mean Dubai based clients take a few weeks out but it can also mean an increase in people coming into the city – such as those looking to move over the school holidays.

Are there any incentives that can be offered to entice buyers to purchase established properties rather than off-plan which is popular in Dubai?

Inherent benefits of buying ready properties are you can see first hand the quality and type of community that has been established. Of course, you also know exactly when possession will be granted. Further, some owners are offering rent to own and deferred considerations. This means there is increased flexibility in the way some of these homes can be purchased.