Forget fashion rules, this is how people are actually dressing to work from home

A new Instagram account offers an insight into what people are really wearing to their isolation offices

Designer Marc Jacobs modelling a vintage coat on Work From Home Fits. Instagram / wfhfits
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As the coronavirus pandemic and uncertainly continues, the internet has done what the internet does best, and responded to the fear and isolation people are facing with humour.

A favourite response from the fashion world comes in the form of Working From Home Fits @wfhfits: a new account dedicated to showing off what people are wearing to work from home.

If the name conjures images of well co-ordinated looks, put together with smooth panache and style, then frankly, you are in for a treat. At the risk of spoiling the surprise for you, WFHFits offers what can at best be described as a smorgasbord of the sartorial.

Clocking up an impressive fifteen thousand followers in just under two weeks, this is not about chic glamour and sophistication, but the exact opposite. Forget following rules, this is about seemingly throwing together outfits, with outlandish shirts and crocs making a surprising number of appearances, including the Christopher Kane 2017 rock covered versions that retailed at Dh1,126.

Animal prints pop with startling regularity, as do jumpsuits and what could well be a giant sized baby grow. Ankle wellington boots (another unexpectedly common choice for footwear) are sported in various pastel shades, while cropped tops – both male and female – are too numerous to mention.

As with all good ideas, the premise is blissfully simple. Throw on your most outlandish wardrobe combo, take a mirror selfie and sent it to the account by DM (direct message). This is what three hundred-odd people have done, to allow the rest of us to enjoy and admire or be plain baffled by their fashion choices.

The designer Marc Jacobs pops up, unsurprisingly. Known for his love of wearing platform boots regardless of occasion, his appearance here, in a vintage green leather coat feels almost tame by his normal standard, while another person is in a complete work suit, still in bed, polished shoes poking out of the bottom of the duvet.

Of course there are some genuinely well dressed people here too – particularly a women in a floating white prairie dress and cowboy boots. But most looks are are pure, happy escapism, showing us that it's important to blow off steam in these strange times.

Who knows if anyone would actually venture outside in these garish get ups, when we are all allowed to again, but that hardly seems to matter. Just enjoy the show.

Who knows, you might be motivated to have a go yourself.


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