UberEATS, Deliveroo, and Carriage: Which delivery app will reign in Abu Dhabi?

We tested out the newly launched UberEATS delivery platform app against competitors Deliveroo and Carriage

Three apps, three drivers, three mixed grills, one final destination: which one will win?
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Just a year after it launched in Dubai, UberEATS has finally hit the streets of Abu Dhabi. When they originally came to the UAE, there were still some kinks that needed to be worked out from our last review. We decided to test the delivery platform app out against other similar competitors Deliveroo and Carriage in Abu Dhabi to see the differences between the services.

To start, I ordered the mixed grill from Hatam in the Khalidiya Mall on all three apps. Interestingly enough, Carriage was the only one that didn’t offer me to option of whether I wanted rice or fries with my order. Both the other apps did. All three orders came to the same amount of Dh62 with a Dh10 delivery charge.

All the orders were placed by 2:35pm. UberEATS and Deliveroo gave a similar estimated delivery time around 3:08pm and 3:09pm while Carriage’s estimated time was 3:22pm.

Living in Khalidiya, my apartment can be difficult to find as the building isn’t very well known and there aren’t many popular landmarks nearby. Hoping for the best, I tried to pin down the right location.

Some of the maps were easier than others.

UberEATS gave the option of using a “current location” pin to find where to deliver, which I used. Deliveroo didn’t have that option. Instead I could search for it on the map or type in the address manually. I typed it the name of the realty company on the first floor. Carriage’s map was more confusing and I just ended up using the “current location” pin as well.


Carriage gave me the first notification of my food being on the way and gave me the option of being able to track it. Deliveroo also showed that the driver had picked up my food. However, UberEATS still showed it was being prepared with the ETA being pushed back to 3:13pm.


Deliveroo kindly lets me know through a pop-up notification on my phone that the driver was almost there. The ETA jumped from 16 minutes to 1 minute in a blink of an eye. They also were shown as being the first one to reach my apartment – but the food still wasn’t here. The real challenge for these drivers would be finding the building.


I received a called from Deliveroo to confirm my floor and very shortly afterward, got my order. They were the first to arrive and even made it before the ETA.


I get calls from both UberEATS and Carriage trying to find my building. They both have difficulty locating it. I even end up dropping off a Whatsapp pin locator to Carriage.


Carriage is still lost but on his way. At least he calls to let me know which is comforting.


UberEATS finally makes it. Unfortunately, the driver tells me he had a very difficult time in finding my location. The food is still warm but the fries are a little soggy.


Carriage is able to find me – after I go and wait outside my building. He just seems relieved it’s finally over.  Much like with the UberEATS order, the food is still warm but the fries have begun to get soggy.

Even though there was a difference in arrival, all three meals are definitely still edible. I don’t fault the drivers for being unable to find my apartment. It just goes to show that the apps need a better interface in terms of using maps to pinpoint a location.

Overall, I was impressed with how fast Deliveroo was but perhaps it’s because they have the simplest locator map. Carriage could probably work on fixing theirs up, while UberEATS could use with a little more communication in terms of finding my location.


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