10 wacky food-related Guinness World Records that have been broken

From consuming the most Big Mac burgers to stacking the most number of M&Ms, here’s a look at the most unbelievable foodie records ever set

If you think you love your food above all else, you aren't alone. There are some people out there who adore grub so much, they’ve actually managed to turn it into a passion, and then set world records to boot.

Following the news of Big Mac lover Donald Gorske consuming more than 32,000 burgers, we take a walk down foodie lane to look at some of the weirdest, wackiest food-related Guinness World Records ever broken.

Most McDonald’s Big Macs ever consumed

The Guinness World Record team recently paid tribute to Wisconsin resident Donald Gorske for consuming more than 32,000 Big Macs in his lifetime. Gorske already set the Guinness World Record in 1999, but recently bested it 22 years later.

He has consumed a grand total of 32,340 Big Macs, an average of two a day since 1972. Gorske has kept track of every single burger (he has the containers and receipts, organised in boxes and pouches by the year). And if you’re wondering what shape he’s in, after the rather unusual diet, Gorske apparently has “great blood sugar levels, exceptionally good cholesterol and walks six miles per day to maintain his health”.

Another secret to good health? He holds back the fries.

Most M&M’s stacked

In June this year, the world of candy was taken to new heights when Will Cutbill, 23, won a Guinness World Record for creating the tallest stack of M&Ms. The grand total of M&Ms he managed to place on top of each other? Five, proving that this is one of those challenges that is much harder than it sounds.

Ironically, Cutbill, who said he was ecstatic about the achievement, confessed he doesn’t actually have much of a talent for balancing. “I can barely stand on one leg – but I have a talent for chocolate.”

World’s biggest mouth

When talking about food, it’s well worth mentioning Samantha Ramsdell’s ability to consume it. Ramsdell is a TikTok star who recently broke a Guinness World Record for having “the world’s biggest mouth gape”. Ramsdell shot to fame for her unusual facial feature after she started doing things such as stuffing food in her mouth and taking requests to eat dishes two at a time for the social media platform.

Her gape measures 6.52 centimetres, or two-and-a-half inches, which means she can fit an entire green apple in her mouth, bite through four single-stacked cheeseburgers, and even get an entire large-sized portion of French fries in there.

World’s most expensive fries

It’s often relegated to a side dish or snack, but New York City’s Serendipity3 revolutionised French fries earlier this year when the restaurant launched a Guinness World Record-breaking dish with premium ingredients – from cage-free goose fat from France to 23-karat edible gold dust – all with a heavy dose of truffle. The price tag for this exclusive dish? It's $200.

Most varieties of ice cream on display

This cool Guinness World Record was broken in Abu Dhabi. In July 2021, Abu Dhabi Culinary teamed up with UK’s Pan-n-Ice to make ice cream history with the “most varieties of ice cream on display”, in Yas Mall’s Pearl Court, where a whopping 1,001 unique flavours were present.

Some truly unique flavours created for and on display at the event included: apple and chocolate wafer; banana and pistachio; blueberries and Kitkat; cherry and Nutella; granola; chocolate Nesquik and Lotus biscoff; and strawberry shortbread and Flake.

Fastest time to eat a burrito

You might think that you’re the humble burrito's biggest fan. But that accolade actually belongs to Leah Shutkever. Hailing from the UK, Shutkever has proved she’s able to wolf down the popular Mexican wrap in an incredible 35.26 seconds.

Largest bubblegum bubble blown

In 2004, Chad Fell of Alabama, US, blew up a bubblegum bubble with a diameter of 20 inches (50.8 cm). The feat was achieved without him using his hands to steady to stretch of the bubble, and was done with the combined strength of three pieces of Dubble Bubble gum.

Most Ikea meatballs consumed in one minute

For many, tucking into Ikea’s meatballs is a must when heading to the Swedish furniture store. But Japanese competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi took his love for the dish to a whole new level when he broke the record for most meatballs consumed in one minute. Kobayashi ate a total of 29 meatballs in 60 seconds – one every two seconds.

Most ice cream scoops balanced on a cone

There’s no such thing as too much ice cream, and Dimitri Panciera undoubtedly agrees. The Italian set the record for most number of ice cream scoops balanced on a single cone in 2018. The total number was 125. Strawberry was the flavour of choice for this feat.

World’s longest noodle

If you’re in the habit of slurping up a noodle whole, here’s one that will probably boggle the mind. In 2017, Chinese food company, Xiangnian Food Co Ltd, set a world record for the longest noodle. The creation was made using 40kg of bread flour, 26.8 litres of water and 0.6kg of salt, and measured a whopping 3,084 kilometres. After the hard work of creating said giant noodle, it was cooked in garlic, egg and tomato sauce, and served to about 400 employees and guests in attendance.

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