Here's your chance to name two baby otters at the Dubai Aquarium

The newborns are part of the aquarium's breeding programme to help conserve rare species

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is asking the public to name two of their newest additions.

The pups, a boy and a girl, were born recently to a pair of Asian Small Clawed Otters, a species listed as “vulnerable” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List. The aquarium's breeding programme hopes to help conserve the species. The youngsters are being kept in the otter exhibit under the close supervision of aquarium experts at the venue in Dubai Mall.

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Ginger, the pups' mother, was one of the first otters at the Dubai Aquarium, having been there since its opening in 2008.

In several parts of the world, otter numbers are endangered due to issues such as rapid destruction of habitat, hunting and pollution.

These aren't the only newborns looking for a name. A couple of days ago, JA Hatta Fort Hotel in Hatta asked people to help name a couple of fawns in the area.

If you have names for the brother and sister otters, head to Participants will be asked to enter their name, email and name suggestions. The best names will be shortlisted before a winner is decided.

Even better, the winner will get a family pass to visit the otter pups as well as other newborns in the aqua nursery. Currently residing in the nursery are zebra sharks, shovel nose rays, bamboo sharks and blue spotted rays, which have all been born naturally.

To enter the contest, go to For more, visit

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