Biggest wedding trends of 2022: pets in ceremonies and black colour schemes

Couples are increasingly looking to give their furry friends a starring role in weddings

A chihuahua as best man? According to new data, more people than ever are electing to incorporate their pets into their big day.
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Dogs are famously man's best friend, but are they best man material? According to new Google data: they are.

Having animal-friendly nuptials tops the list of new wedding trends for 2022, with a 200 per cent year-on-year increase in search traffic since 2021, according to UK price comparison website It is tied with a 200 per cent increase in multi-coloured weddings and in-season wedding flowers.

The surge in interest in incorporating four-legged friends comes as little surprise, considering pet adoption rates increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, given the increase in people working from home, people spent more time than ever growing close to their canine and feline family members.

Animals have been incorporated into weddings as best men, maids of honour, flower girls, page boys and bridesmaids, often going viral on Instagram and TikTok in the process.

In-season flower choices suggest eco-conscious wedding planning decisions, as do the search terms "rent bridesmaid dress", which rose 181 per cent since 2021, "rent wedding dress", up 89 per cent, and "sustainable wedding venue", up 50 per cent.

Flower choices that have had increased interest are daisy, lavender, dahlia, lilac and orchid bouquets, with leaf confetti also trending this year.

Colour-wise, multi-coloured weddings top the list, followed by black, blue and purple colour schemes; black wedding dresses also saw a burst of interest, with a 50 per cent increase in search.

When it comes to wedding venues, this year people are searching for museum, cruise and Game of Thrones weddings, despite the show ending in 2019. On the more traditional end of the spectrum is interest in hotel and country club events.

London's Natural History Museum is a popular wedding venue, with many choosing to host their reception in the famed Hintze Hall beneath the suspended blue whale skeleton. And, as of September 2019, you can legally get married in the museum.

Top wedding trends 2022

The full list of wedding trends for this year, with the increase in year-on-year searches:

1. Pet at wedding – 200 per cent

1. Multi-coloured wedding – 200 per cent

1. In-season wedding flowers – 200 per cent

4. Rent bridesmaid dress – 181 per cent

5. Daisy bouquet – 177 per cent

6. Lavender bouquet – 122 per cent

7. Dahlia bouquet – 108 per cent

8. Llama wedding – 89 per cent

8. Rent wedding dress – 89 per cent

10. Blue wedding – 84 per cent

10. Lilac bouquet – 84 per cent

12. Moissanite engagement ring – 83 per cent

13. Daisy wedding – 80 per cent

14. Retro wedding – 75 per cent

15. Sequin wedding dress – 60 per cent

15. Orchid bouquet – 60 per cent

17. Museum wedding – 57 per cent

18. Wedding tablescapes – 56 per cent

19. Black and gold wedding – 55 per cent

20. Leaf confetti – 53 per cent

21. Game of Thrones wedding – 52 per cent

22. Purple wedding – 50 per cent

22. Cruise wedding – 50 per cent

22. Black wedding dress – 50 per cent

22. Sustainable wedding venue – 50 per cent

22. Bow wedding dress – 50 per cent

27. Puff sleeve wedding dress – 48 per cent

28. Hotel wedding – 46 per cent

28. Bridal suits – 46 per cent

30. Country club wedding – 40 per cent

Trending wedding destinations in 2022

There is also rising interest in international weddings, with Zimbabwe, Italy and South Africa topping the list in terms of year-on-year increased search.

Portugal, Kenya and Thailand also make the top six destinations, followed by Jamaica, Morocco, Brazil and Mexico.

A wedding in Italy's Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga. According to new data, Google search for weddings in Italy is up 40 per cent in the last year. Unsplash / Foto Pettine

The top 10 trending wedding destinations around the world, with the increase in year-on-year searches:

1. Zimbabwe – 56 per cent

2. Italy – 40 per cent

2. South Africa – 40 per cent

4. Portugal – 39 per cent

5. Kenya – 27 per cent

6. Thailand – 23 per cent

7. Jamaica – 22 per cent

8. Morocco – 21 per cent

9. Brazil – 20 per cent

10. Mexico – 14 per cent

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