Christmas gift ideas inspired by TikTok — and how to buy them in the UAE

Gloves with a built-in torch, anyone?

TikTok is the new source for Christmas gift ideas. All photos:
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Gift-giving can be such a daunting task, especially if you are running out of ideas. Thankfully, social media turns into a treasure trove of Christmas gift ideas every year, as people scramble for the best finds for their loved ones online.

We have compiled a few items — from the most random finds to the most useful products — featured on viral posts on TikTok, and how you can buy them if you are in the UAE.

Disclaimer: prices may vary and the items could also be available on other marketplaces than the ones mentioned here.

Foldable charging station

This is one for the travellers. The minimalist wireless charging pad is easy to carry around because of its foldable mechanism. Not only does it charge an iPhone, but it comes with two other charging stations, for Apple Watch and AirPods.

Available in white or black, the item does not typically come with a charging cable and an adapter.

It is available on for Dh100.

Triple candy dispenser

This one is a quirky gift idea for a co-worker. The mini snack dispenser can fit a work desk, making it a perfect gift for the officer snackers. It has three separate containers for variety, and an easy-to-use knob to dispense the office treats.

It is available on for Dh45.

Vintage board game bookshelf collection

This looks sleek and is perfect for board game lovers. The name is self-explanatory: it is a board game designed to look like a vintage book, so you can stack it on your shelf. Famous tabletop games including Monopoly, Clue and Scrabble are on offer, but you can also buy them as a collection of three.

It is available on at Dh481.

Shower scalp massager

This is extremely affordable, and one you never thought you would need. There are many variations to this tiny shower tool, which claims to take hair-washing to the next level. Typically made of silicone, the item also offers a relaxing scalp massage.

It is available on at Dh14.

Orbee-Tuff Snoop

This one is for the delicate dog owner. Made in the US, the Orbee-Tuff product is one of those useful combo items for dogs: both a toy and a treat dispenser. The half-circle-shaped squishy toy provides an interactive experience for bored puppies, as well as a tool that encourages slower eating habits in fast eaters. A bonus, the Snoop is infused with mint oil to keep your dog's breath fresh.

The item is available on at Dh65.

Decorative statue planter

This one is for the home-maker. Instantly add a classical vibe to a corner in your house with this Greek statue-inspired decorative planter. Made of resin, the item can hold a range of small plants — from succulents to dried flowers — through an opening on its head.

It is available on at Dh100.

Cherry-shaped toilet brush

Another unique find for the decorative ones. The cherry-shaped brush sits elegantly beside a toilet. The handle is the green stalk, and when not in use, it creates the perfect illusion of a cherry, with the shiny red fruit as the brush holder.

It is available on at Dh22.

Skincare travel bag

This is a useful bag for the on-the-move skincare enthusiast. It's a portable organiser for a pocket cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen and other cosmetic products. It's both utilitarian and trendy, as skincare gets renewed popularity on social media.

It is available on at Dh60.

Gloves with built-in torch

This might be the perfect unexpected gift for dads who like to tinker. The sleek handwear comes with attached LED lights, which is ideal for any odd job such as fixing a leaky pipe under the sink. It could also be used during camping or night running.

It is available on at Dh38.

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