Interplanetary spectacle lights up Expo to celebrate Space Week

The Kaleidoscope festival features sculptures, art projections and installations

Planetary-inspired light sculptures, art projections and installations are illuminating the Expo 2020 Dubai site this week, as part of the night-time light festival, Kaleidoscope.

The interstellar spectacle is taking place to mark Expo’s Space Week. It combines the power of photography, light and visual arts in installations that are already proving popular with guests. On the Sun stage in Expo’s Opportunity District, Kaleidoscope’s light projections have been providing an other-worldly backdrop to the musical theatre performance The Sun! The Star!

Meanwhile, a showcase of giant glowing planet installations entitled Mars and Earth can be seen at Al Forsan Park until Saturday, as Expo 2020’s Space Week hosts astronauts, thought-leaders and other space experts to spotlight the latest innovations in space research and travel.

“Through Kaleidoscope, we are showcasing dynamic programming and the power of human connection,” says Grant Reid, vice president of events and entertainment, Expo 2020 Dubai. "This week, as the world comes together at Expo 2020 Dubai to collaborate for humanity’s sustainable expansion into space, our light show is highlighting how co-operation can inspire a better future for everyone on Earth.”

Updated: October 21st 2021, 2:18 PM