Saudi air defences intercept drone launched by Yemen's Houthis

Saudi Arabia is working with regional partners to agree on a ceasefire

A picture taken on November 16, 2015 shows a Saudi F-15 fighter jet landing at the Khamis Mushayt military airbase, some 880 km from the capital Riyadh, as the Saudi army conducts operations over Yemen.  AFP PHOTO / FAYEZ NURELDINE === PHOTO TAKEN DURING A GUIDED MILITARY TOUR === (Photo by FAYEZ NURELDINE / AFP)

Saudi Arabia's air defences intercepted a drone launched towards Khamis Mushait by Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels on Thursday.

Khamis Mushait hosts the main Saudi airbase in the border region with Yemen.

The UAE condemned the targeting of Khamis Mushait.

"The continuation of these terrorist attacks by the Houthi group reflects its blatant disregard for the international community and all international laws and norms," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, according to Wam.

The Saudi-led coalition said they were "taking operational measures to protect civilians and civilian objects from hostile attacks".

The coalition on Monday intercepted another drone launched at Khamis Mushait.

The interception of the drone comes just a week after the Saudi-led coalition paused it's Yemen military operations to help peace efforts.

This week, Gulf Co-operation Council states urged the Houthis to co-operate with a Saudi Arabian peace initiative for Yemen.