Saudi farmers in AlUla grow Arabic moringa crop to meet high demand - in pictures

A centre in AlUla is helping farmers produce the Arabic moringa, considered the third-biggest crop in the region after dates and citrus

Waleed Al Toailei, a Saudi farmer preserving the Arabian moringa in co-operation with the Peregrina Centre in AlUla, shows his crop.

Mishaal Sabah, an agricultural training supervisor and Mr Al Toailei show their produce. As part of supporting agriculture in AlUla, Saudi Arabia established the Peregrina Centre in 2019 to raise awareness among farmers on the importance of moringa and how to deal with the crop.

Razen Al Juhani, a quality officer, sorts moringa seeds, at the Peregrina Centre in AlUla.

Alaa Al Hazmi, a quality officer, works with moringa seeds. Each supplier farm has its own code to track and test seed quality.

Raghda Al Boshi, a production co-ordinator, presses moringa oil. The centre collects seeds from farmers, squeezes them and transports the oil to producers.

Alaa Al Hazmi checks the quality of the moringa oil. The centre issues certificates for each batch of oil, confirming its quality.

Maryam Al Balawi, a Saudi trader, displays moringa oil products in her shop in the old town, in AlUla, Saudi Arabia.

Updated: November 8th 2021, 12:22 PM