Exhibit of Islamic heritage is a welcome sight

How wonderful to see a display of Muslim achievement from a historical perspective. (A millenium of Muslim invention, November 1).

How wonderful to see a display of Muslim achievement from a historical perspective. (A millenium of Muslim invention, November 1).

Such exhibits can offer a measured counterweight to the Islamophobia that has gripped media headlines of late. The Muslim world's rich contributions to medicine, philosophy and mathematics deserve a global showcase. By bringing the exhibit to cities such as London, New York and Istanbul, audiences from around the world can share in the knowledge of a history that is often overshadowed by today's political landscape. I hope that the exhibit will make it to the UAE - an eager audience awaits it.

Maryam S, Dubai

School buses are cheaper, not safer

Looking at the number of private 15- and 30-seater mini buses operating within the city during the day, I am alarmed that so few of them conform to any safety regulations. A closer look shows children sitting in the front and playing un-strapped, drivers speeding through the small by-lanes without any caution and often whiletalking on the phone. Parents, and authorities, should call for strict measures.

Although the school authorities have no control in their operations, they should issue circulars to parents highlighting the danger of using such transport options. Appropriate labelling should be enforced on these vehicles with signage stating "Private - Student Transport vehicle" with the mobile telephone number (in big letters) of the contact person responsible and available to report any dangerous driving situations.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Very low speed limits not helpful

With regard to Ford Desmoineaux's letter yesterday (Raising speed limits is misguided, November 1), I have to say that I disagree with some of his points.

While I commend him for his sincere points regarding safety, lowering speed limits to 60 kph would be a step too far. I use that stretch of road frequently and already at certain times, the traffic moves too slowly. Lowering the limit dramatically would be counterproductive.

Safety on the roads should be a combination of measures, speed being just one of them.

Omar H, Abu Dhabi

Tolerance attracts global talent

Sultan Al Qassemi's article The Ismaili Centre of Dubai: a monument of tolerance (October 31) is well researched with a lot of good architectural information laid out in a historical context with current perspective included.

It shows the author to be well informed and passionate about highlighting cultural diversity in the UAE and its respect for various beliefs and achievements.

Such tolerance and inclusion has been a historical facet of Islamic culture whether integrated during Moorish times in Spain, Malaysia or Turkey today; or in Gulf states where expats far outstrip locals in stark contrast to the West, where a 4-5 per cent immigrant population raises a public outcry for local control and strict exclusions.

The UAE's practice of such liberal policies has made it a magnet for global talent regardless of recent financial turmoil, and has consequently helped it recover smartly. The US and France can learn a lesson or two here.

Athar Mian, Abu Dhabi

Trams needed for Metro connection

In regard to Five-year plan for Dubai Transport (November 1), whatever happened to Dubai's trams? Construction was well underway around the Marina, and then it stopped late last winter.

Is there any news as to the status of the trams? It would be a huge help for local residents connecting to the Metro.

MC, Dubai

Taking steps to enjoy 4x4s

In reference to the feature Less school run, more cool fun (October 30), I bought a short wheel base Pajero two years ago simply to feel less bullied on the UAE roads. It was a year later that I joined the Abu Dhabi 4x4 Club.

The members are people of all abilities, and the marshals are men and women who are there to lend their expertise, all for the love of the sport.

Step 1: Get off-road insurance from your provider. Don't leave the paved roads without this.

Step 2: Visit www.ad4x4.com and register. Keep your eyes open for an ANIT (a trip for the absolute off-road newbie) trip.

Step 3: Sign up! There will be regular ANITs running as the season is now in full-swing.

Step 4: Pack a cool box with water and snacks.

Desert Rose, Dubai