Call for calm in Cairo

Readers deplore the violence in Egypt and call for international intervention. Other topics: women doctors, a controverial video and Israel's peace prospects.
Readers deplore the violence in Egypt and ask for international intervention. Mohammed Abdel Moneim / AFP
Readers deplore the violence in Egypt and ask for international intervention. Mohammed Abdel Moneim / AFP

I refer to Bloody end to Islamist protest (August 15).

The death of the young UAE journalist Habiba Abd El Aziz, among many others, has shocked the entire world.

The series of events that unfolded in Egypt on Wednesday and claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians willl haunt us all.

It was the darkest day in the history of Egypt.

Other nations should take immediate measures to put an end to the continuing violence, instead of being mute spectators.

Fatima Suhail, Dubai

This is so sad, it almost makes me speechless.

So many people have died in Egypt. I'm worried about friends of my children being there, and I'm worried about people I know who went there to support their country.

M Pavic, Dubai

The SMS exchange between the reporter who died and her mother was heartbreaking.

C L'Estrange, Dubai

Woman prefers a female doctor

I refer to Gender an issue for a woman and her doctor (August 11), in which women are advised not to shun male doctors.

I am a woman and I would never allow a male physician to examine me when a female doctor could do it.

Female physicians are all around us because there is a demand for them from female patients.

I don't mind seeing a male doctor for general matters, but not for an intimate examination.

Name withheld by request

Video's humour is an acquired taste

I refer to Oops, they've done it again ... (August 15), about the latest marketing video from the Circuit Factory gym in Dubai.

After seeing the video, I can describe it in three words: disgusting, practical and funny.

The way the man, gym owner Phil Parkinson, behaves is just stupid. Perhaps he wanted to be funny but it was disgusting.

The way the woman realises that she needs to get fit and the way she does get fit, are realistic. This section is also funny in places.

Overall, I think it was a good attempt, but I know that not everyone will appreciate it.

Moiz SA, Sharjah

This video is not only an insult to women, but to people in general.

Mr Parkinson makes men look shallow and women look like sex objects.

He really needs to get a grip.

Chris Murray, Abu Dhabi

Netanyahu may not want peace

Jonathan Cook is absolutely right in his opinion column, Many stumbling blocks on the road to productive peace talks (August 14).

Israel's leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, has failed to grasp what Professor Ilan Pappe has said: that Israel can either be a democracy or a Jewish state; it cannot be both.

Perhaps, as Cook suggests, Mr Netanyahu has given up on Israel ever being a democratic state.

The interests of the Palestinians inside the current borders of Israel must never be forgotten.

Name withheld by request

Questions over expatriate poll

I am not convinced that the survey referred to in Why we love UAE, by British expats (August 14) can be considered credible.

It appears to be based on a website set up by a bank that attracted fewer than 1,800 responses.

I find it hard to believe that this study is a reliable reflection of British views.

P Claire, Duba

Who else wants to be a billionaire?

I enjoyed reading How to become Nepal's first billionaire: use your noodle (August 11).

Binod Chaudhary's inspired decision 30 years ago to provide a tasty snack food for his fellow Nepalis certainly paid a big dividend.

The global expansion of his company should serve as an inspiration to others.

Mr Chaudhary's example can be followed by anybody who has vision.

K Ragavan, India

Published: August 16, 2013 04:00 AM


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