Shampoo, lather, rinse, drive, repeat

The Life: You have splashed out on luxury wheels, now you need to keep your motor looking tip top.

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You have splashed out on luxury wheels, now you need to keep your motor looking tip top.

Let's face it, the dust and humidity in the UAE are not kind to paintwork. But fear not. Mitchell and King, the Scottish luxury car-care company that has won a loyal clientele by blending bespoke car wax, is now selling what it bills as the world's most expensive car shampoo.

The product, which comes in a crystal container, is 100 per cent natural and can be scented and coloured according to buyers' wishes. Because each shampoo is individually commissioned, delivery time for orders is two to three weeks.

The shampoo follows hot on the heels of the unveiling of M&K's latest limited edition car wax. M&K claims the concoction, named Glitz, is the world's fist glitter car wax and will "deliver a full array of flakes dancing on the surface or your finish," according to the company's website.

It was originally designed for the owner of a Bugatti who wanted to add a tasteful gold sparkle to its black paintwork.

Again, the ingredients are 100 per cent natural, and M&K's owner and "chief artisan", John Johnstone, drew on the secrets of the cosmetics industry to ensure the glitter will not damage or scratch the car.

Glitz is applied in a "padding" manner, using the finger tips. It is available in silver, purple and gold. A 100 ml pot - oops, sorry, "aesthetically pleasing enclosure" - retails for £50 or a tad short of Dh300. The supply is "ample to highlight specific areas for the upcoming show season," the website says.

If you are thinking Dh300 is way too much, that is the minimum you will fork out for any M&K wax.

Rosso and Mason waxes, for red and black cars respectively, sell for £98.23, or nearly Dh600.

But that is small change compared to the hefty £1,800 for a 400 millilitre vial of Cardinal. This is composed of luxurious oils and Brazilian carnauba wax and is designed to hydrate and protect. Only seven jars are available per year.