Seven surefire signs you are ready for a career change

A career change is a chance to explore new avenues and discover a new side within you

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You’ve probably heard people saying: “I just had to leave my job”, or “it wasn’t working out”, and you asked yourself: “how did they know it’s time to leave?”

Well, there comes a time in one’s career journey when change is imminent and that change is, most of the time, a good thing.

Change can open new doors and opportunities that would have remained closed if the next big step wasn’t taken. A career change is a chance to explore new avenues and discover a new side within you.

But, how do you know when it is time to make the big move, the big decision, and move on with a new opportunity?

In order to help understand that you are ready for that next big step, here are seven signs that reaffirm your decision to change your career.

You are worn out and exhausted

If you dread going to work and you’re exhausted all the time because of it, then it is time you start looking for other things to do. Sure, it is unrealistic to expect your job to require no energy or effort from your end. However, if you feel that you’ve reached your maximum and you can no longer put in the energy even in the simplest of tasks that your job requires, then you not truly living up to your potential or even helping the company much and are, thus, are ready for a career change.

Your skills, responsibilities, and tasks do not suit you

Once you reach a point where what you’re doing is far removed from who you are as a person, you might want to look into alternatives that better represent you and your personality. The type of job and how it aligns with your personality and work preferences is critical. Similarly, these feelings could also be related to your company in general. If you do not believe in your company’s mission and values and you don’t think they align with yours, then you need to take that big step and find something new.


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Salary is no longer enough

Sometimes, a high salary and a big annual bonus are not enough reasons for you to stay at a job. From the outside, it might look foolish to leave such a lucrative opportunity but deep down inside you know it is not working out and you are simply unhappy. You can’t put up with an unhealthy work environment or an uninspiring job simply for the sake of money, especially if there are other attributes that you value over the high salary.

You feel that you can do more but are not getting the chance

When you’re working day in and day out and not achieving your full potential, it is a surefire sign that you need to find something else to do. What’s the point of working hard and not achieving what you know you are capable of? Maybe the job is too unchallenging for you or maybe you aren’t surrounded by the creativity-inducing type of environment. In either case, if you believe you can take on more challenges and assume a different role, then you should start your search already.

There is no room to grow

Look around you, how are old employees doing? Are they being promoted? Are they growing in their career? What do you think your fate is? How frequent is it to move up the corporate ladder? If you do not see yourself becoming a senior or C-level executive in the future or you don’t even understand your short-term career path, then that’s your cue. Career progression is very important and a clear succession plan is what you need.

You feel overworked and undercompensated

Once you reach a point that makes you feel like the company you’re working at does not appreciate the time or effort you put in, it is a sign as old as time to change jobs. Employees need to see the output of their input and also receive the rewards for their achievements. Certainly rewards can vary and aren’t always monetary. Nonetheless, if you are not even being recognised for your outstanding work and accomplishments, then there is no reason to wait around.

Loss of passion

Are you not enjoying what you’re doing anymore? Do you feel like you’re forced to get work done? No matter how hard it seems, or how hard it is to wrap your head around it, you need to be passionate about what you do. This is how you can truly achieve your potential and excel in your career. Your employer can also tell the difference between a job completed with passion and real interest versus one that is completed hastily and apathetically.

Suhail Al-Masri is the vice president of employer solutions at