Technophile: Laptop bags that aspire to more

Laptop travel bags can handle more than just computers for tech-enabled globetrotters.

Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer

The look This hip, modern-looking nylon laptop bag is constructed well enough to keep up with the most frequent of frequent flyers. It comes in black, red or grey colours. Its trifold design utilises an overlapping panel that helps protect your computer and is secured to the bottom of the bag with buckles.

The utility The Checkpoint Flyer is so named because it meets US Transportation and Safety Administration standards, meaning it could allow you to go through airport security without having to take your computer out for the X-ray machine (assuming everyone is up to speed on those specs - a big assumption). It also seems to have more pockets than anyone can count.

Total bundle The Checkpoint Flyer is a good choice for serious travellers. If filled to capacity, it's heft could be a bit daunting for long walks to connecting flights, but it could be the last laptop bag you ever need.



Booq Boa Flow

The look The big, round Booq Boa Flow can be a bit intimidating at first mainly because it weighs 2.25 kilograms without even putting anything in it. But it's big enough to hold not just your computer, which has its own separate compartment, but a weekend of other vital supplies as well.

The utility While heavy, this over-the-shoulder bag features ample padding on the back designed to reduce aches and pains and let air pass through while you lug it around. It also has several smaller compartments on the back to hold other devices like mobile phones, but, watch out - they are also the perfect place for pickpockets.

Total bundle Although way too big for city strolls or subways, the Booq Boa Flow is best for air travellers who need a computer-centric, one-bag-only carry-on solution.



Timbuk2 Commute

The look The hip, light and nylon Timbuk2 Commute comes in a variety of vibrant colours. And while it might not look the part, it offers a sturdy, well-protected environment for your precious notebook computer.

The utility This bag offers ample padding and can hold laptops up to 15 inches wide, but there is an XL version for those who need more capacity. It also boasts several other pockets for smartphones or mp3 players. The exterior flap is secured by buckles and the computer compartment inside is lined with waterproof vinyl.

Total bundle The Timbuk2 Commute is a good choice for those who've grown tired of drab, grey bags but still want to give their computers some serious protection.


Published: June 3, 2011 04:00 AM


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