Zach Holz, English teacher, at his home.

When Zach Holz set out to eat all of his meals at home in May, he was fairly sure he was going to reconfirm the findings of one of his favourite bloggers on the subject of financial independence, Mr Money Moustache. 

He was expecting nothing short of a money-saving epiphany. 

“I totally didn’t I didn’t feel that way at all,” says Mr Holz, a 35-year-old American teacher living in Dubai. “I felt trapped. I felt like I wasn’t able to hang out with people I enjoyed hanging out with, because they were going out for dinner. I learned a few recipes, but I’ve cooked my whole life, so it’s not like I learned a new skill. And I didn’t save that much money either, so it kind of failed all around.” 

(Photo by Reem Mohammed/The National)

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Dubai teacher Zach Holz started his blog The Happiness Project in January to share his journey towards financial independence. Reem Mohammed/The National

'Happiest Teacher' blogs about saving money in Dubai

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