How to use Clubhouse to build your business

Start-up founders can take advantage of different rooms in the app to learn and secure funding

The social audio app Clubhouse on a mobile phone. Clubhouse offers invaluable opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Reuters  
The social audio app Clubhouse on a mobile phone. Clubhouse offers invaluable opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Reuters  

If I told you last year that you could be in a room with Oprah Winfrey or Elon Musk, and receive invaluable advice, you might have thought it was impossible unless it was through an exclusive event.

But if the pandemic has proved anything, then it’s that nothing is impossible starting with how we shifted to conduct work remotely. While video conferencing platform Zoom was the star of 2020, new audio-based social media app Clubhouse certainly stole the thunder.

If you are not familiar with the new app, you’re not alone. It is not yet available for Android users and is an invite-only application.

Launched less than a year ago, Clubhouse is an interactive audio app. You can think of it as your own live radio show where you, along with a host or hosts speak, and your listeners can interact live with you.

Clubhouse is organised as rooms created by different users, where various topics ranging from cryptocurrency to what is your favourite dessert are discussed.

Comments on social platforms reveal how users – who hail from backgrounds as varied as investment, business, archeology, and theology – prefer it over other apps since they don’t need to dress up for it or turn on their cameras. Others said they feel more comfortable speaking without anyone seeing them.

Recently valued at $1 billion and with more than six million registered users, Clubhouse offers invaluable opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. The access to business leaders, venture capitalists and business discussions can help elevate your business to different heights.

Take advantage of different rooms to learn and secure funding. Businesses and investors are starting rooms to discuss industry trends and venture capitalists are allowing entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas for funding through the app.

Start a room where you can discuss an interesting topic. You could invite a leading figure from the community to host, and you can talk about your business. An investor could be attending and may want to discuss your business further.

While physical networking opportunities are limited until the pandemic is behind us, utilise the app to network with people from your industry or beyond. Clubhouse provides an opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and individuals who can prove to be essential to your brand’s growth.

Moreover, tap into Clubhouse's popularity to establish your brand’s presence and build a following.

Use the app to interact with your customers, generate feedback, and seek ideas for product/service development. You can also discuss different topics such as innovations transforming your industry or provide advice to entrepreneurs on how they can start a similar business.

Discussing topics of interest and not directly advertising your brand can help you build a following faster. For example, if you manage a museum, then you could host talks with emerging artists to help shed light on various art forms and to establish your museum as a brand that supports growing talent.

Another great way to use Clubhouse is to find the right business partner or team members. An acquaintance approached me recently asking if I could recommend someone who would work well as his business partner. We then thought that one way to do that is through Clubhouse, where he could discuss his business and directly interact with potential partners who would express their interests.

Right now, Clubhouse represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn, network and grow. The earlier you jump onboard, the more you can have access to people of interest, build your audience and brand’s presence, and tap into growth opportunities before it becomes too crowded.

Manar Al Hinai is an award-winning Emirati journalist and entrepreneur, who manages her marketing and communications company in Abu Dhabi

Published: February 28, 2021 07:30 AM


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