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New cars are becoming increasingly personalised. Here are a few that were recently showcased in the UAE.

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More manufacturers are customising vehicles. Here are some fast facts about a few of the models that were showcased in the UAE last week:

The Vehicle: Luxury 4x4 RV

The Maker Dunkel Industries

The Features If you ever wondered what could be created if a motorhome mated with an off-road vehicle, this is it. Besides sleeping six passengers and entertaining them with two flat-screen TVs, this vehicle can also haul dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles and other motorised desert toys - without a trailer.

Cost $500,000

The Vehicle: LiveRacer

The Maker Sijatec

The Features Talk about fuel efficiency. This racing simulator, which is designed for use at home, relies on a computer and built-in technology that can lift, shake and move the frame of an entire car of your choosing while you sit inside. Race tracks, including some sand-based courses for desert lovers, are displayed on the inside of the windshield.

Cost Starts at £300,000

The Vehicle: Wildcat 300STR Rover

The Maker Qt

The Features This off-roader also races on regular roads and boasts features such as an iPod dock, Bluetooth connectivity and a heated windscreen with powerful wipers to keep the view of the road clear in harsh conditions. Each customer also gets to work with an engineer at Qt on their model's specifications.

Cost Starts at £130,000