A game-changing advance in television technology

Farid Faraidooni, the chief commercial officer at du, talks to The National's Ben Flanagan on the future of IPTV.

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How many IPTV customers does du have?

The majority of our home services customers have opted for du TV or du TV+. We are confident that with the telecommunication landscape poised to change, the customer base will witness continuous growth as customers nationwide will see the value of our innovative offerings.

Can you see the day when films are available over video on demand, one of the services offered via IPTV, at the same time they show in cinemas?

Conceptually, release windowsare used by studios to maximise their revenues on a title release. But apart from the obvious, it is also to minimise the growing threat of content theft through piracy. Today, given the proliferation of the internet as a source for all information - studios and networks are constantly required to review their business models in order to stay ahead of customers' evolving entertainment needs and habits. While service providers such as du have been successful in securing same-day DVD releases on video on demand, it will take some time [until] we'll see cinematic releases premiering on the VOD platform. That being said, what we'll surely see is the release window becoming smaller in the near future.

What is du's target for IPTV customers when it launches fixed-line services across the UAE?

We do have high expectation of our IPTV services - but at this point in time, it would be too premature to comment on our targets. du TV already rates high in terms of customer satisfaction and is being looked as an industry benchmark among most telecoms and pay-TV operators in the region.