Boeing ready to soar

A reader welcomes news that Boeing is finally nearing delivery of its new Dreamliner aircraft. Other letters today deal with that Aldar building, support for innovation, poverty and art, traffic fines, and tanker crewmen.
A Boeing 787 Dreamliner taking off from the Boeing Field in Seattle, US, in May. One reader reasons that the arrival of Boeing's state of the art jet is certain to be a boost for the aviation industry EPA/Jim Anderson
A Boeing 787 Dreamliner taking off from the Boeing Field in Seattle, US, in May. One reader reasons that the arrival of Boeing's state of the art jet is certain to be a boost for the aviation industry EPA/Jim Anderson

I enjoyed the article about the Aldar headquarters building (The capital's practical disc, August 25).

I pass by this building quite often and like it very much. In my neighbourhood it is known not as a disc but as "The Coin." I think it's wonderfully innovative.

Amid all the talk about Dubai's buildings, in my opinion Abu Dhabi does not get enough credit for its remarkable diversity in architecture.

Jackson White, Abu Dhabi

Everyone involved in that Aldar building deserves credit.

I'm not an architect or engineer but I'm sure it was a challenge to design and build. But there it is.

When I have out-of-town visitors I love to watch their reaction when they see it for the first time.

Audrey Voice, Abu Dhabi

Innovation needs to be supported

As an expatriate professional living and working in the UAE, I was interested in the essay Foster growth with a renewed focus on fresh thinking (August 19).

Just as the author suggests, I have an important technology-related innovative business idea that could boost the UAE's economy.

But my current employer is not in that field and is unable to accommodate my idea.

There should be an official body in this country which could assist me by at least sponsoring the start-up costs and partnering on the venture with me.

Mahamud Abdalle, Dubai

Not too much to give to labourers

Thank you for all the coverage of the drive to send boxes of toiletries and personal items to labourers living in the difficult conditions of work camps, most recently Don't forget the toothbrush … and The Box Appeal (August 25).

It is a little disappointing that more people have not taken part. Regardless of the time of year, we all owe a debt to these working men, far from their families, who are building the future of this country. A little box of small items is not too much to give.

VJ Mehta, Dubai

Great art doesn't require poverty

A letter writer argued that Unequal wealth is the root of all art (August 25). I must object to this strange logic.

It is true that over the centuries patrons of the arts have subsidised the creation of many artefacts of great beauty, because craftsmen could earn a living perfecting objects of metalwork, lacquer, damask, pottery, and all the rest.

But it is ridiculous to argue that only a system built upon great income inequality could make this possible. Every society will have rich people, but does not need to have desperately poor people.

And how many potentially great artists died of child poverty while craftsmen worked in gold?

Catherine Lyons, Abu Dhabi

A lot of money is paid in traffic fines

It is shocking to read that in 2010 Dubai Police collect Dh1bn in traffic fines (August 25).

That's a lot of money in one year, and Dh140 million more than in 2009. And that's just the fines which have been collected.

How many people paid more in fines and petrol costs than they would have paid to use taxis?

Ervin Burrell, Dubai

Just leave bovine fugitive alone

It makes me happy to think that Runaway cow Yvonne 'may never be caught' (August 25). As you suggested in your editorial on the subject (Run, Yvonne, Run, August 25) it is natural to side with an innocent fugitive. I'm no animal-rights supporter, but I say let her be.

Teddy Blue, Abu Dhabi

Hooray for Boeing and its Dreamliner

Finally, Boeing is about to get approval to deliver its 787 Dreamliner (Boeing's Dreamliner is awakened, August 25).

With $16.2 billion (Dh60 bn) in back orders, Boeing will be glad to start delivering planes.

Airbus is fine, but the world needs at least two top-end makers of jetliners, and Boeing has been having a hard time lately. I hope this decision, and this aircraft, can give the company a boost.

Leonard Hammett, Dubai

Tanker crewmen go home at last

Apparently pirates aren't the only ones who take hostages.

Stranded crew flown home (August 25) reveals what can happen to innocent maritime crewmen when a company goes bankrupt.

Isn't there supposed to be some kind of insurance fund to protect ordinary sailors from being made pawns in this way?

Woodes Rogers, UK

Published: August 26, 2011 04:00 AM


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