White Cube moves to Al Nahyan Camp

Courtesy of Angeli Castillo Photography
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White Cube has brand new digs.

The Abu Dhabi studio has moved from its former Mushrif basement to a shiny hub in the Al Nahyan Camp.

A large contingent from UAE’s artistic community arrived to the new location for a festive welcome.

Personalities included Physical Graffiti, DaisyGrim, Behold The Locus, Voice of the Soul, Farah Chamma, Soundblock, Dorian “Paul D” Rogers, Haitham Haze, Alonzo, Freek TV, G-Beat, Mc Yazen, Andeo, Obselion, Saif B. Chilmiran, Mohammed Khair (M.K.), Th3 Proj3kt, Angeli Castillo and the Red Bull Wings Team.

The new studio retains White Cube’s signature aesthetic in that the soundproofed studios are constructed in white polystyrene foam with the walls and roof covered in white cube shape protrusions; the effect is indeed akin to recording inside a cube.

Run by Abu Dhabi musicians Waleed Shah, Abrahim Wakim and Nerses Sanassian, the studio aims to be a hub for the emirate’s musicians, filmmakers and artists with work-spaces available and future workshops in the planning.

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