WATCH: 28 years later, Kevin is ‘Home Alone' again

Google have released a redo of the classic '90s movie

Macauley Culkin in the new 'Home Alone', Google ad. Photo: YouTube
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The 1990s holiday classic Home Alone is back again this Christmas. Sort of. The film's star Macaulay Culkin, now 38, stars in a new Google ad as his original character, 28 years on.

While in the original, Kevin McCallister spent his holiday alone defending his home against two burglars, this year he has some company: Google Assistant.

The ad has proven a success: on YouTube alone, the video received about 5 million views in less than 12 hours.

Kevin has clearly aged: jumping on the bed now comes with back pain.

In the ad, Kevin wakes up alone once again, and checks in with Google about what he has planned for his day. "You have the house to yourself," the virtual assistant replies. The ad intertwines original movie clips with recreated scenes

Fans of the iconic movie were clearly pleased on Twitter, with one dishing out particularly lavish praise:

While another Twitter user created a Gif to compare the two productions:

Nostalgia about the movie was in the air in the Arab world too.

Mashrai Ghamdi tweeted: "McCallister is living his childhood again by filming the best scenes from the famous Home Alone for a Google ad. I felt happiness and nostalgia at the same time."


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