Vehicle 19

Vehicle 19 squanders a promising premise.

Paul Walker in Vehicle 19. Forefront Media Group
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Vehicle 19
Director: ­Mukunda Michael Dewil
Paul Walker

Paul Walker is in the wrong place at the wrong time, playing an American who rents a car while visiting South Africa. Finding a gun and a tied-up woman in the vehicle, he is thrust into a conspiracy that puts everything he loves in danger.

Almost all of the action takes place within the car, offering Walker the chance to flex his acting muscles. However, neither he nor the script can keep your interest for the duration, with action set pieces and intrusive music overpowering what should have been a claustrophobic and tense experience.

Perhaps it wasn't the best choice to put Walker in a car for his turn outside the Fast & Furious franchise. Nonetheless, he wastes a chance to highlight his talents.


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