UPP to print Kalima, Al Waraqoon titles

Mixed Media welcomes a guest blogger today, Fatema al Mulla from the Executive Affairs Authority. Take it away, Fatema:

Abu Dhabi's United Printing and Publishing (UPP)  announced yesterday its partnership with Bahrain's Al Waraqoon, a research and publishing house established and based in its capital, Manama in 2001 by two Bahraini entrepreneurs who had the vision to preserve the tradition, culture and civilization in the region.
This strategic alliance is an attempt by parties to create a strong platform of book publishing industry in the Arab world.

Al Waraqoon (means 'those who make paper') has a variety of books that have been intensively researched, photographed and creatively designed, of course, all share the taste of Arabic culture, tradition and heritage. A number of their books include, The Arabian Dhows includes details on dhow making and sailing in the region, Al Bisht which is the traditional Arabic mantel, Gulf Doors, Bahraini Hands, Gulf Mosques and the Arabian Coffee. Twenty books of this kind were put together by Al Waraqoon, and the UPP is in the process of printing, along with other future projects.

During the singing of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the two companies, Maysa Al Ansari, Managing Partner of Al Waraqoon said, "Our partnership with UPP stems from the desire to bring to the contemporary world, coffee table books that besides being a treat to the eyes, explores the much preserved traditions and customs practiced in the regions popularly known as the Middle East and the MENA region."

Ali al Neami, the chief executive of UPP, expressed how the company continues to place itself on the top line of the printing market, with its distinguished partners and customers.
"We're an international four-year-old company that is starting to work with the outside world," said Al Neaimi.

Covering a half a million square feet, UPP is committed to printing one million local newspapers a day, one and a half million magazines a month, and more than six million school books yearly for Africa and Afghanistan, along with a number of catalogues that have been printed for some companies in Europe.

"Reaching these standards in printing for Africa, Asia and Europe, in this short period of time is considered a big achievement," stated Mr al Neaimi.

Meanwhile, UPP also signed another MoU with Kalima, an Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) initiative, which funds the translation, publication and distribution of different modern and contemporary foreign writings into Arabic.

Dr. Ali bin Tamim, the manager of Kalima, expressed his trust in the high quality that the UPP is providing to its clients commenting, "We are confident that UPP, through its world-class standards in print quality, and environmentally-friendly presses and materials, will make a valuable contribution to our present endeavors and to the development of the book publishing industry in the Arab world."

Mr. Al Neaimi added with regards to Kalima. "It's a vote of confidence that such an esteemed organization values our work and acknowledges our commitment to becoming a world-class leader in publishing," he said.

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