Timeframe: 10 years of Seawings

This year, Seawings celebrates its 10th year running seaplane tours in the UAE

In the years before Dubai International and Al Maktoum, Dubai had another airport – the Creek. From the 1930s, flying boats started landing there. For example, Imperial Airways (now British Airways) ran a weekly service from 1937 between the United Kingdom and Pakistan via Dubai Creek.

Other routes went to Australia and involved dozens of refuelling stops along the way. But by the 1950s these had ceased and flights were moved to the modern facilities being built in Dubai.

Decades later however, there are still planes taking off from the Creek.

This year, Seawings celebrates its 10th year running seaplane tours in the UAE. In this photograph, we can see one of the first trips, in November 2007. Back then Seawings operated a Cessna 208 Caravan from Jebel Ali and, on the right of the picture, we can see the jetty and part of the Jebel Ali Beach Hotel.

Flights from Dubai Creek started in 2009 and a proud aviation history continues to this day.


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