Remotes, fridges and washers get smart with new Samsung products

We run down the latest advances in technology for the home that have been announced by Samsung.

Samsung is promising to – finally – banish the need for countless remote controls. The days of scrambling under the sofa and searching under cushions trying to remember when you last saw that specific remote may be coming to a close. Samsung's new family of smart TVs will immediately recognise any device they're connected to, whether it be a games console or home theatre system, and everything will be controlled with a single smart remote.

These and other new products were unveiled during this year’s Samsung Mena Forum in Lisbon, Portugal. In the pipeline for 2016 is a new line-up of SUHD TVs, including the world’s first bezel-less curved design (the bezel is the frame surrounding the screen, traditionally made from plastic or metal). Built on the Tizen operating system, an open-source system that boasts faster response times and a simpler interface, Samsung’s 2016 smart TVs are promising to make it easier for consumers to access all their preferred content and services in one place.

The company also presented new additions to its audio portfolio, including a soundbar offering with a wireless rear speaker kit that offers completely wireless surround sound.

There’s plenty going on in the home appliances arena, too, with digital appliances the order of the day. The RT7000 refrigerator with “Twin Cooling Plus” technology is being positioned as the only top-mounted fridge with two independent cooling systems (for the fridge and freezer), which guarantees flexibility when it comes to cooling and storage. Energy efficiency is another prominent feature of this new raft of home appliances, with the RT7000 offering a total of five conversion modes, including Freezer-Fridge, Energy Saving, Vacation, Fridge Max and Mini mode.

Flexibility and practicality are also the driving force behind a neat little feature of the new Add Wash front-load washer, which enables consumers to add items or additional fabric softener during the wash cycle using the additional door on the upper part of the main washer door. Nifty.

“Samsung is recognised for breaking barriers, pushing boundaries and shaping the future through the convergence of great technology, content and services,” said Choong Ro Lee, the president of Samsung Mena.

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